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Keeping Allergies In Check

It’s always a little nerve wracking when you’re getting ready for your wedding day. Add worries about seasonal allergies on top of that and forget it! If you suffer from seasonal allergies you know how unflattering and annoying they can be. Never fear, though, you can still enjoy every season of your seasonal day with just a few added precautions!

Help feel your skin glistening by avoiding as many fragranced and dyed products during your day of prep as possible. You may be fine with the added scents and dyes the rest of the year, but when your body is already fighting seasonal allergies they can exasperate the situation. Stick with fragrance free to a fighting chance!

Keep yourself medicated as much as possible before the fact. You may not want to take too many antihistamines and medications on your wedding day, but try to use them in the days before hand. If you control your allergies the days and week ahead of time your skin color and puffiness should be just about as healthy and normal as you could ask for.

Get as much sleep as possible before your big day. Not only will this help keep your stress levels down, it will also help to keep your allergies at bay. The more over-stressed and tired your body gets, the more it will feel the effects of the allergens that get into your system.

Try to move all of your outdoor photo shoots and activities to times when the pollen level isn't as high. When the sun is rising and setting the pollen levels tend to be at their worst. The lighting may make sunrise seem ideal, but you may pay for it with itchy eyes all day long!

Keep saline eye drops and nose spray constantly at hand. If you spray your nose and rinse your eyes as often as possible, you’ll keep the allergens out of both and minimize the allergy attack you may get.

Keep allergy meds on hand just in case. If worse comes to worse, it’s better to be a little medicated than to feel the full force of your allergies. Keep whatever usually helps you most in your emergency kit.


Posted on Apr 23 2014 12:02PM
By LIWeddings

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DIY Yarn Pompoms

One of my absolute wedding additions are those fabulous yarn pompoms that you see used for everything. Little ones are used as tosses when you walk up the aisle, large ones hang from the ceiling, and medium sized ones are tied to favors of all different shapes and sizes. These fabulous, and functional, pompoms can become costly, though, when you custom order them. If you need a larger order, or are looking for a fun DIY craft to add to your shower or wedding, here’s a fast tutorial to create your own! All you need are a couple balls of yarn, scissors, and your own two hands.

(Etsy Image Source)

Start by choosing the size of your pompoms. You can use two, three, or four fingers; each creates a different sized pompom. Start by placing 4”-5” of yarn between two fingers, and then start wrapping around the amount of fingers you chose for the size of your pompoms. Get into the zone and just keep wrapping, because the more you wrap the fuller your pompoms will be (it’ll take a couple pompoms before you really get your groove down).

Cut your yarn with another 4”-5” inches to spare. Grab the tail you created before wrapping your fingers in the beginning (you may need to dig it out from between your fingers if you wrap too tight). Wrap these two tails a couple times around the middle of your yarn tube (perpendicular to how the yarn was wrapped) and then double knot it.

Next we cut your yarn loops and shape your pompom! Insert a pair of small, sharp scissors into your yarn loops and cut them all. Fluff out your strands, cut any stragglers, and see how it currently shapes up. You’ll see that it’s messy and not very rounded. Trim your way around the pompom, rounding it as you go. The more you trim down the neater and fuller your pompom will be!

(Etsy Image source)

Posted on Apr 17 2014 11:23AM
By LIWeddings

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Unique Save the Dates!

So, although the invitations seem like they’re the most important wedding stationary you’re going send out, it’s the Save the Date which actually initiate everything. Save the dates usually go out at least 6 months before the wedding date and are the official place holder for your guests: they can start securing travel plans and time off if necessary now that they have an official date. That’s why they're super important and need to have as much punch and personality as you do! If you're looking for something a little funky and unique to get your party started, here are a couple new ideas that I found and love!

Save the Date Mixed tapes… or, well, CDs. Yes, the CD does still exist, and this is my absolute favorite idea for a unique Save-The-Date: create a short playlist of 6 or 7 songs that you feel fit your relationship and burn them onto CD’s. You can decorate your CDs with colorful permanent markers and then set them aside to dry. Your Save the Date will really be the CD jacket that you create. You can type out something pretty onto regular, high quality printer paper or you can hand decorate/collage it up on cardstock. Either way this will be a unique idea that your guests are sure to love.


Image Source

For the book nerd in both you and me, how about a library card Save the Date? You can order blank library cards online and then create a whimsical author and title to suit your big day. Enter all of your important dates and “due dates” from the past leading up to your big day. To be extra geek-chic, create your own book makes on card stock (perhaps representing both of your favorite books?) and include them in the envelope for an added bonus.  

Image source

Entice your guests with little clues about your special day’s theme. Have your pertinent info printed out onto burlap or linen pouches for your Save the Dates. Create your own “We Included a Clue!” tags, and then put a small token that represents your day in each pouch. Seashells for a beach them, dried flowers or sprigs of herds for a garden retreat; anything can work!

Image Source

Posted on Apr 15 2014 4:21PM
By LIWeddings

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Our Best of 2014!

Now that all of our wonderful vendors have been contacted, we would like to share out LIWeddings.com's Best of 2014 press release! All vendors who have won have their 2014 badge on their ads, and our Best Of page will be updated with the full list in the near future!

LIWeddings.com’s Best of 2014 Vendors Announced

Long Island, NY: This month the winners were announced for the esteemed award of being named one of the Best of 2014 vendors on LIWeddings.com. The award is handed out solely to those vendors who were voted for by visitors and users of the website.

Earning a Best of 2014 award is a prestigious honor, acknowledging the level of care and expertise displayed in the field by each, individual vendor. All winners are chosen through a strict voting process, and never through preferential selection or assortment. Between January and March a voting section was available to visitors, and each was allotted one vote per category per IP address/username.

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the “Best of LIWeddings.com” awards.

  • LIWeddings.com is Long Island’s largest bridal resource and provides a unique marketing avenue for local vendors to advertise their services and wares to the very specific local, bridal market place.
  • Running since 2008, the “Best of LIWeddings” award has recognized those local vendors who have gone above and beyond expectations, catering to the bridal community with their upmost respect and professionalism.

About LIWeddings.com: LIWeddings.com is the flagship website for the Bridal Planner Group, an online marketing company based here, on Long Island. Launched in 1996, it has been serving as an exceptional free planning tool for the bridal community for almost 20 year: an extensive resource of local products and businesses available for brides and grooms to plan their one of a kind, Long Island wedding. 

Posted on Apr 11 2014 9:48AM
By LIWeddings

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A Beauty Basket Contest!

It’s contest time again my friends! The wonderful ladies of Bridal Rush and Christy Ann Cosmetics provided a fabulous gift basket of deluxe hair and makeup products for a Bridal Extravaganza prize, which is now available for you! The gift basket includes over $350 worth of products including:

- $100 gift certificate towards a hair service from Bridal Rush 

- $100 value Gift Certificate for Airbrush makeup trial from Christy Ann Cosmetics 

- Christy Ann Cosmetics Gloss, Blush, and makeup setting spray 

- Pop eye shadow palettes 

- Kenra Professional hair products

- Cosmetics Bag

- Swarovski Hair Clips 

To enter for your chance to win all you need to do is reply to the official contest thread with your favorite beauty product! (I.e. Hair, face, nail, body, etc.) Multiple entries are allowed, and please one entry per post! 

The contest ends April 20th at midnight, and we’ll announce the winner the next day! The winner will need to pick up the prize in our Medford office.

Good luck and happy posting!

Posted on Apr 10 2014 12:23PM
By LIWeddings

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April Bridal Extravaganza Sneak Peaks!

What an awesome night we had last Thursday for the Bridal Extravaganza! So much energy and excitement in one jam packed event! It was wonderful getting to meet so many of you and getting to see all of our amazing vendors! I just got some of the sample images back from Ken Hild Photography and wanted to get to share them with you guys first!

Posted on Apr 8 2014 4:21PM
By LIWeddings

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It's Tomorrow!

It's official! Only one day left to pre-register for tomorrow's Bridal Extravaganza! Make sure to get your registration form in so that you can sail through the pre-registered line tomorrow and get in fast! It's going to be an awesome night for sure! The beautiful big TV for one of our lucky grooms is ready for the winner, as is the $1000 grand prize for one of our lovely brides! Parties Alive and The Touch will be rocking out our showcase, and there will be lots of fun to be had! We also have over 80 of Long Island's top vendors in almost every category to help you plan the rest of your special day! We can't wait to see you there!

Doors open at 6:00pm, but get there by 5:30pm to sign-in easly and be the first ones through!

When: April 3, 2014 
Where: Hilton Long Island - Huntington
Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Posted on Apr 2 2014 10:35AM
By LIWeddings

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Tablum Album Contest!

It's time for another fabulous contest exclusively for our LIWeddings couples! Tablums is giving away a FREE tablum album to one of our lucky couples! If you're looking for the perfect final touches to make your wedding memories last forever than a tablum album made be perfect for you!

Head here to enter the Tablums contest. To win post a picture of your favorite detail of your wedding, could be your dress, your shoes, flowers, etc. Multiple entries ok. Only one entry per post. You have until midnight on April 28th to enter. Winner will be posted the following day.

The winner of the contest will receive:

9 x 12 Tablum Album
25 pages / 50 sides
White or Black leather cover.
Choice of White or Black iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet.
The layout of the pages in 9.5 x 24.5 page spread in 300 dpi jpegs.
This iPad Mini can hold up to 2 plus hours of HD video on a disk in mp4 format.
This iPad Mini can hold up to 2000 plus extra photos. Tablums will need on a disk all the extra photos in 300 dpi jpegs for the slide show.
Two lines of custom imprinting on the cover.
Delivery of Tablums is 4-5 week of proper submitted files.

Good luck!!

Posted on Mar 28 2014 10:03AM
By LIWeddings

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A Wonderful Event!

Mark off next Thursday on your calendars, ladies and gents, because I found out about this pretty awesome event coming up! One of our wonderful LIFamilies.com vendors, and soon to be LIWeddings.com vendor, is having her work exhibited in Bloomingdale’s Furniture Gallery in Roosevelt Field Mall! Debbie Viola is a custom finish and mural designer, and she has been commissioned by Bloomingdales to create 30 large abstract paintings, which they will be displaying during the event!

Head over from 6-9pm on April 3 for an art open reception, with live jazz music, gourmet wine and food. Bloomingdale's staff will also be on hand to explain their loyalty program to designers who attend. The art works are going to be displayed for a month, during which time 40% of Debbie’s sales will all go towards The Interfaith Nutrition Network and other charities. 

Posted on Mar 26 2014 9:34AM
By LIWeddings

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The Perfect Gowns for Every Shape!

One of my favorite details of any wedding is getting to see the gown that the bride picked out. I know that bridal style is ever changing (as it should be with our shifting culture), but there’s just something timeless about the perfect wedding dress. The shapes and styles may change, even the fabrics and colors may alter drastically, but that “first sight” goosebump effect always remains the same!

As a full figured girl I’ve had a tedious time trying to find the perfect maid of honor gown (you know, ever the bride’s maid, never the bride) but was ultimately able to find the perfect A-line gowns of my dreams! It’s all about fitting the right style to your body and shape. I found this awesome graphic that I thought may really help you out!

Now, don’t expect any recommendation to fit everyone to a T, and certainly don’t let it scare you away from trying other styles that you love. As with all recommendations, it’s just a starting point to help you along your way.  

(Image Source)

Posted on Mar 18 2014 10:42AM
By LIWeddings

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