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Calling all Milleridge Brides
Laura s Posted: Jan 01, 2000 02:00 PM+
Laura s MEMBER SINCE: 3/01 TOTAL POSTS : 450 WEDDING DATE: Aug 25, 2001
Posted: Jan 01, 2000 02:00 PM bride-minus.png

Calling all Milleridge Brides

We just booked at the Cottage for 4/28/01.. and would love to talk with other brides who are planning there as well. We fell in love with the place, have only heard all the good things and was wondering if anyone has run into any problems.. the only thing that we were discouraged with is that they seem pretty set in their ways-- meaning hard to get them to compromise or change things but nonetheless we are happy thus far-- Laura

I will be using the florist (4/28/01) as well for the included centerpieces-- What did your centerpieces look like-- our package only includes 6 roses so we will def upgrade..were you happy with the number of arrangements on the cocktail tables/lobby/bathroom etc... Laura

Thanks and good luck.

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