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LIWeddings Archive Posted: Jan 01, 2000 02:00 PM+
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I didnt have any suggestions given to me when I was chosing my wedding florist, after going through ones that several caterer use at there halls I was NOT impressed. I did find one and heres what happened to me...

Designer Florals By Sharon Lang was advertised in one of the local bridal magazines, so I gave her a call, went to her business in Westbury (which is run out of her victorian home).She had many samples on display, even invitations and favors, after spending an hr there I was totally sold on her, and left a deposit with her to book my wedding date with her. I have tryed inumerable times to reach her, left many messages with her assistant and on her answering machine. She simply DOESNT return any of my calls. I have even tryed the "just show up" thing, she is simply Not available. Dont bother giving her any of your business, theres MORE then enough things to worry about when planning your wedding day, who needs a Florist who is simply not dependable.
> Friday for her company Holiday Party. She works

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