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9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many...
Karin Posted: Feb 28, 2014 05:00 PM+
Karin MEMBER SINCE: 3/12 TOTAL POSTS : 1113 WEDDING DATE: Sep 21, 2013
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9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more!

Our website with non-pro photos, highlights video, our engagement photos and a rose bead DIY:

Our wedding journey was absolutely the most memorable two years of my life. I loved the entire planning process and would do it all again in a heartbeat! Best of all, DH, myself and our family and friends had a wonderful time filled with great memories. It was truly the happiest day of my life.

I am so glad I found LI Weddings and can’t begin to tell you how much it helped to be able to check out things on the boards. Although I ended up going with some less common vendors, the ladies on the boards helped me to know what to look for and gave me countless ideas.

My main suggestion is to give yourself PLENTY of time. We took two years, and honestly, more time would have made our perfect day even better. The time flies by and, with enough time, you can make decisions at leisure and you will have more time to find deals and bargains. Don’t let yourself get stressed out, it’s not worth it and it comes and goes soooo quickly!

Although it may not seem to matter and maybe extra expense, all those little details: chargers, chair bows, overlays, almond boxes, really make the table. If you can afford it, don’t scrimp on the details. Use Google and search the heck out of your ideas. You will find that almost everything you want can be found for a better price. Even DYI helps. I gold-painted 200 champagne glasses and it took WEEKS, but I loved them.

One thing for sure, make certain you are creating your own wedding and not someone else’s idea of what you should have. I was lucky in the sense that my family is all out of town, so most of the process was just the two of us making decisions. The entire wedding was one big surprise after another and our guests were blown away. Just decide what you want, and be determined to make it happen!

I didn’t give grades, they would all be A+++, and I would use each one of them again, no regrets! I didn't add photos, except for a few in my albums, but may later. We don't have our formals back, but hope to add them to my albums at some point.

Mae Vona-Michael Fina: Engagement Band
We had a lot of discussions around my setting. I wanted something really unique but beautiful. I also knew I wanted an Asscher cut stone. I found Mae Vona and just fell in love with her work. We got the setting through Michael Fina's in the city, which turned out to be a good move. My ring is white gold, which means it needs to be dipped ever so often. M. Fina’s does it for free on the spot and checks the setting for security. I do it every 6 months or so.

We got my diamond from a diamond district seller that I had thoroughly checked out. The real deals are not the street level sellers, but the ones up the stairs in the buildings. Most of them sell to retailers, but some of them will see you with an appointment.
I love Mae Vona’s work and even took my ring box to a reception for her at Micheal Fina’s so she could sign it!

The Jewelry Patch: DH Wedding Band/Jewelry Repair
We found The Jewelry Patch through Yelp and it happened to be close to home.

I took my great-grandmother's antique pendant to them for restoration as I planned to wear it on my wedding day.
They replaced some lost stones and added a new chain. The service was great and they really paid attention to what I wanted done.
When I got it back, it was exactly what I asked, but I didn't love the way it looked. No problem, they suggested I have it gold dipped to bring the color back, no charge.

When I got it back (they are VERY fast, I might add) I LOVED the way it looked. Its a beautiful heirloom now, and could not be more perfect.
We got DH’s band here and his is very happy with it. They did very fast engraving.

Will You Be My Bridesmaids cards: If I Were a Card
Thai was my first great success with Etsy vendors. I had these cards made for my girls and ring bearers. They were boxed so I could include the earrings for the girls to wear at the wedding. I also added little sheriff’s badges that said Ring Patrol for the little boys. Everyone loved them. The vendor was wonderful and very prompt. I will definitely use her again for special cards.

Vistaprint: Save the Dates and Rehearsal Dinner invites
We used a complicated original design for the STDs. Vistaprint had great customer service to help make sure everything was centered. My advice is to just call them directly and have them help you rather than rely on the online proof. We were also able to add in envelope seals which made the whole thing very elegant. Everyone thought my rehearsal dinner invites were overkill, who didn't know there would be dinner after the rehearsal?!? But whatever, they were cheap. I would definitely recommend Vistaprint for STD and other invites, but not for wedding invites. They don't have any paper that is nice enough for wedding, but that is just my opinion. In any case, get a sample of the paper so you can see for yourself.

Dress:Bridal Reflections in Manhattan
Such a wonderful experience. I found my Ysa Makino dress almost as soon as I walked in. It was the first dress I tried on, although I tried on several more.

I went during the Ysa Makino trunk show which very fun fun and I even got to meet the designer! The trunk show promoted a nice discount on the dress as well.

BR was so incredibly professional and detailed. I wanted something unique and highly customized and they were able to accommodate my every concern during the fitting process.

The alterations process went very smoothly and was actually fun. They have a ceiling on the cost of alterations, so you know exactly that the cost will not catch you by surprise. There was no fussing about the cost at all.
The only issue I had was with the hoop skirt. A couple of the actual hoops broke through the fabric and I kept putting my shoe inside of them, causing me to trip badly until we finally went inside the dress and snapped them off. I wish I had been as particular about the hoop skirt as I was about everything else, but I just relied on what they got for me, which wasn't as sturdy as it needed to be. In all cases, I recommend being as compulsive about the details as you can be. It does matter in the end; at least it did for me. My dress has been commented upon endlessly since the wedding. It's a stunning dress and I love the way it looked in the photos. I'm only sad I won't be able to wear it again! Looking back, I would have liked to have gone to Kleinfeld's for the experience, but I know I would have ended up with my dress at BR.

I am very glad I went to BR, they really deserve their great reputation.

Tiara: Bridal Styles in Brooklyn
While surfing, I found their site and saw they were having a sale. It would have never occurred to me to go out here, but I am so glad I did. The shop is small, but jammed packed with tiaras, combs and other wedding jewelry. They had plenty of help, which was nice because they had lots of customers due to the sale.

I found a vintage tiara on a table of sale merch and it just spoke to me. It wasn’t very expensive at all, and I was totally willing to find something new and more expensive, but I just kept coming back to this one tiara. It had yellow gold in it and, as I had gold in my dress, it just matched. So, I bought it and was very very happy with it. They treated me as nicely as someone buying a super expensive piece, and they have plenty of pricey items! I now have an heirloom piece and plan on saving it somehow in a shadow box with some of my dried flowers. Love Bridal Styles!

Shoes: Beholden Bridal
My shoes were a custom design from an Etsy designer, Beholden Bridal. They turned out beautifully and had my colors incorporated in the design. My dress completely covered my shoes, but we did have a nice photo of my MOH tying up the ribbons for the album. The shop was great. I got them, decided I wanted more bling, sent them back and got them done up exactly the way I hoped with not a problem! My shoes were ballet flats, which I highly recommend because you will be on your feet all day!

Bridesmaids Dresses and Rehersal Dinner Dress: Comes the Bridesmaid
I got my BM dresses and my rehersal dinner dress here. The showroom is located very close to me, so I got to actually see the dress before ordering online at a very reduced cost. They were very professional and delivered the dresses ahead of schedule with no problems. Since I was so close, I just picked the dresses up and saved shipping costs. The sizes were way too big, as they usually are, so alterations were needed. I really don’t like how the bridal industry does this. Here Comes the Bridesmaid does not do alterations, so I felt like they ordered to the best they could with the manufacturers specifications. They don’t benefit from ordering dresses that need to be altered. I was so impressed, that I applied for a sales position here! I am still interested, if they read this! LOL

Flowergirl Dresses: Flowergirldress for Less
This was a great site with an enormous selection at the best prices we found. The dresses were amazing quality and all the little girls looked so sweet! Sizing was exactly accurate. This was a good choice and I highly recommend using them.

Tuxedos: Tuxedo Park
We rented the wedding party tuxs and had my husbands tux made here. They were very easy to work with, pick up and return was a breeze, everything was as requested, sizes were all correct and no missing pieces. We felt we got a good deal for what we got which was an upgrade from the basic tuxs. The tuxs were important to me, as I have seen so many bad fitting tuxs. Measuring was turned into a little event as they hold a gratis fitting party that all the guys can go to. The party is a little overblown, but the guys enjoyed getting together for beers and snacks. One important reminder. Check that your groom pulls down his sleeve or remind the BM to check this. I was so particular about how much shirt showed at the cuff, but it won't matter if your husband doesn't pull his sleeve down!

Flowers for Flower girls: Etsy!
I wanted something different for my little girls that they would have as a keepsake and found an Etsy designer. Old City Art Maker, who makes these really complex paper flowers that are painted tissue paper. They were big and full and looked very cute with the little girls. Mine were in white and cream, but he makes them in any color.

Hair Wreaths for Flower girls: Etsy!
Since we had an ancient Roman theme, I found these pretty gold olive branch wreaths for the little girl’s hair. They were subtle, but a nice little touch. The vendor was Natalys Wedding Art and she was sooo nice. She even sent extras, so my MOH wore one too! AND she even sent along a ring pillow with the same design! I didn’t end up using it, so I will probably sell it.

Invites: Reeves Engraving
I really wanted engraving but was blown away by how much it costs. I researched online and saw that many brides used Reeves. They have a very clunky website, but don't let that deter you. They sent a lot of samples, which helped me decide. Our invitations were complicated, involving two colors, a design, and double thick paper, which was beveled and printed gold. I but them together and mailed them myself. I did the first batch with not enough postage on the return envelopes. Thankfully I discovered this before I sent them, but I still had to get many of them reprinted. Ugh. I also used a red wax seal on the inner envelope. I had a seal made with our emblem(a wreath) and they looked stunning.

The online forms used to order are complicated and I really don't see how you could do this without several phone conversations with them. Make sure you carefully proofread every single word, especially on the addresses. We found lots of mistakes in the proofing process, many which were due to our initial submission. It's just too easy to make a mistake. We had them do machine calligraphy, which looked gorgeous and was well worth the cost. We are happy that they sent the brass printing plate, which we will frame someday.

Dance Lessons: Manhattan Ballroom Society, Stephen Dane
This was very smart. We took about 6 lessons and were able to pull off a nice first dance. We had a difficult song, 'Nessum Dorma', being sung by our opera tenor, Greg Mercer. On top of that, I can't dance at all. But these lessons were really a critical investment as we actually enjoyed our dance. The one thing that was difficult was that my dress was so huge, DH was worried about stepping on it. We did practice in my hoop skirt, which I highly recommend if you are wearing one.

Pre-cana and Ceremony Church: Our Lady of Victory, Floral Park
We did ours basically online with several readings and one evening meeting with a facilitator. Completely no stress. Just look under your diocese for pre-cana. Also, our church allowed us to get it anywhere as long as you get the certificate. Check other diocese if you can't find what you want where you are getting married. Check with your church to make sure they have the same policy.

Our ceremony was at Our Lady of Victory, Floral Park. Neither of us had any strong connection with a RCC on the Island. I attend St. Francis in the city, and having the ceremony in Manhattan was logistically out of the question. We had a very hard time finding a church that would marry us. I spent a very frantic day calling RCC on the Island and getting turned down all over the place. Finally, I called OLV, which happened to be so close to our RH.

OLV was extremely accommodating and helpful. We met with the Deacon and the music director a couple of time and felt very accepted. They were very clear about the rules, but allowed us to add touches that were important to us. Our ceremony was all the more meaningful and beautiful to us because of how we felt about the Church.

Floral Terrace: Reception Hall
I am so excited to write this review. We had the most amazing experience at Floral Terrace. Our wedding was a fairy tale. We all go to dozens of weddings, and many of my wedding-experienced guests said this was the best reception they had ever attended. Hardly a day goes by that a guest doesn't tell us how much they enjoyed our wedding and reception.

Although we wanted a wedding that was meaningful to us, the most important thing was that our guests have a great time with drink, food and entertainment. We wanted them to know how much they meant to us. Floral Terrace exceeded our very high expectations and so much more.

We were actually concerned, when we first met with Frank and his staff, that they could deliver everything they promised, it almost seemed too good to be true, especially when we compared it to the ten other LI reception sites we visited while planning.

We did, however, have a very good first impression. We liked that it was one wedding at a time, that they had so many years of experience doing weddings, and, especially, that the hall itself is historic and just beautiful. We booked about 18 months in advance, which is highly advised given the craziness that is Long Island weddings, and not once did we have an issue with communication or contact.

We took our parents to a tasting and were treated to a great sampling of apps and entrees. Frank took time to meet with us, even though he had a wedding going on, and was extremely nice to our folks.
In the end, we had no doubt about it, this was our place.

During the entire planning phase, I must have emailed or called about 30 times. Each time they were nice and helpful. Made recommendations for our DJ and photographers that turned out to be perfect for us. Gave us great suggestions and ideas based on decades of experience.

By the time of the wedding, I had given them page after page of special requests and set-up instructions. I don't think they said 'no' to one of my crazy demands!

On the day of our wedding, we met our banquet manager, George, who clearly had matters in hand. Our entire wedding was a little ahead of schedule and George was right on top of it and kept the flow moving along so that our guests were never without beverage or entertainment.

We, just marriage and a little dazed, were shown the cocktail hour set-up and the ballroom to make sure everything was just as we wanted. I cannot tell you how my heart leaped up when I saw all my planning laid out before me just as I had envisioned. Everything was exactly as I hoped, and even better than I imagined.

Of course, the main event and real test is the food. We were lucky enough to be able to get a top-end package(which was still less cost than many other places we looked at) and even then we made some special requests. They did not miss a single note. The food was cooked to perfection, served at the perfect temperature, in beyond plentiful portions, and displayed beautifully.

The service was impeccable. None of our guests waited a moment for anything and were even offered seconds of the main courses. I even saw Frank, who I believe is one of the owners, filling water glasses to help his staff. Our guests have said that the only problem with the food was that it was so good and there was so much of it that they couldn't manage to try everything because they were so full! I really wish the wedding could have gone on all weekend so that we could all properly enjoy our reception. We had a Viennese hour, which was stunning and elaborate. They started the hour by turning down the lights and shooting flames from the crepe pans! I saw grown men walking around with cotton candy, it was so much fun! Needless to say, our parents were very proud and we were just thrilled that everything was so perfect.

Even after the wedding, Frank was so gracious. We had brought box after box of decorations and linens to the wedding, many of which had to be picked up afterwards. Frank let us get them at our leisure and had them all nicely packed back up for us.

There's really no way to do Floral Terrace justice. I could not recommend them more highly. I only hope that we get invited to an event there soon so we can experience FT as guests!

Of course, the wedding just flew by and two years of planning was over in a blink. But we do have all our photos and video to remind us of what a wonderful day we had.
We have nothing but absolute appreciation for Frank, George and all the staff at Floral Terrace. We can only hope that all our days together are as perfect as our wedding!

Cake: Leonetti's
DH was fanatic about getting the best cake ever. Even though we had a Viennese table with dozens of desserts, he felt that since the cake is plated and served at each place, it had to be good. So we went to 7 different places for tastings, no kidding. Some were just not good, and some were good but the service was concerning. I also wanted certain decorations and I felt that a lot of the bakeries were just not listening to us.

Leonetti's was just perfect. The owner sat down with us and gave us his undivided attention. The cake was awesome. I sent photos and they recreated it nearly exactly. My only issue is that I wanted the decorations to be more of a metallic gold and they were much a yellow gold, but it was still so elegant and everyone raved about it. My only regret is that I wish I had provided take home boxes for the cake and the other desserts.

Everyone was just so full by the end of the night! The cake splurge was an extra cost for sure, since we didn't use the house vendor, but it was worth it to DH. I feel that the groom generally only cares about a few things, so with those things, his bride should bend over backwards to make sure he loves them.

One last thing about Leonetti's, they said that if we bring our frozen cake top back on our 1st Anniversary, they will replace it with a new cake top that will be edible! We are so going to do that!!

Flowers: Colonial Florists in Bellmore
I don’t even know where to begin! Our flowers were stunning beyond belief! I piled at least 8 pages of instruction on dear Claudio who patiently accepted them along with about 10 revisions.

Claudio is the dearest man ever! Colonial has been our family florist for everything from weddings to baptisms to funerals. I can definitely say that your local florist, with whom you have a relationship with, is by far your best bet.

I had crazy demands. Our colors were crimson and gold and I had him spraying foliage gold and hydrangeas red. My BM bouquets were so stunning next to their gold Grecian gowns and my very traditional bouquet was so perfect and beautiful.

I don't care for the type of bouquet that has all the stems wrapped as the handle. I wanted the older method of sticking all the stems in a reservoir, which has a much more formal look. Claudio did this for all my bouquets, no problem.

I had some really crazy demands for our florals. DH’s mother had planted ivy she picked at Harvard during his graduation many years ago and it had eventually taken over the yard. So Claudio agreed to go cut the ivy the day before and incorporate it into the centerpieces and the boutonnières and bouquets as a surprise for DH. It was very touching.

Poor Claudio and his guys! I can’t believe what I put them through! I even had bolts of red and gold netting, the wide kind, which I asked him to use all over the hall, up and down the staircases and around the dance floor. I know they spent so much time on our wedding, but it was absolutely beautiful. We chose an expensive package, but it would have been twice as much at some of the other more known wedding florist. Cannot recommend them enough. We will be using them for the rest of our lives! Definitely check them out.

Linens: Wedding
I purchased gold embroidered ribbon table overlays. Buying them was so much cheaper than renting. And now I will be able to sell the beautiful, barely used, overlays for a little return on my investment. They looked so lovely in the photos and one of the guest actually thought I bought them to match the design in my dress!

I ordered samples from several different vendors. This was critical because they look totally different online. I was then able to compare the gold to my BM dress swatch for the best match.

The one thing that was unpleasant was that they would not exchange the samples I got and didn’t want. I thought they were really unreasonable about it, especially considering how much I purchased. If I were to do it again, I would try to find them through a bride who was selling post-wedding. As long as they are cleaned, they will look like new after one use. I am definitely selling mine now!

Rehearsal Dinner: Umberto’s
Everyone had a great time here! We had our own room, which was very nice. Food was universally great and very plentiful. My In-Laws paid a set rate, not sure what it was, but it included good quality drinks throughout. We were all so full, we barely touched the cookies! Basically, everyone was stuffed from this dinner to the end of the weekend!

Bridal Party Gifts: Etsy!
Again, Etsy! I got the girls monogrammed jewelry cases and totes from DoubleBEmbriodery and Carabellas. All the items arrived quickly and better than I expected. They looked a lot more expensive than they were!

DJ and Music: Genesis
We are so happy with our choice! We insisted on Fabio as our MC and he was fabulous. They did the cocktail hour and gave us a CD of all the music, which was nice, as we didn't get to our cocktail hour at all. We gave them a huge 'must play' list but allowed him to work the crowd also. I really didn't want anything like 'Shout' but he knows his crowd and played it. Everyone loved it. The best candid shots of dancing were to that stupid song! The fact that we had everyone on the floor the whole time was the most important to us and Fabio delivered!

Genesis was completely trouble free: they just showed up and did their thing. I really appreciated that Fabio worked with our DOC and the BM to make sure we were kept up to date during the event on when we should do the milestones like cut the cake and throw the bouquet. They also helped us find our Tenor and other performers all of which were reasonable in price and wonderfully talented. Loved them!

Photos and video: Deja Vu
We knew we made the right choice after we had our engagement shoot. Pedro, our main photographer, was so much fun, so patient and so professional. We are so happy with our wedding shoot., They caught all the important moments and captured all the details, which is so important because the bride never gets enough time to take it all in. Deja Vu was so accommodating. I had a thousand requests and instructions, and they carried them out to the letter. The photographers and our videographer were very professional. They were always around when we had a shot we wanted them to get, but they were never intrusive or in the way. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. We will recommend them always and hope to use them for future family events.

Day of Coordinator: A Modern Day Affair
Laura was the best money we spent! She and her assistant were so great. They were on top of everything and had us all in order and on time. She carries around a ton of necessities and was always at the ready to help. She saved me from a dress malfunction with my hoop shirt and many other things I couldn’t begin to remember. She also kept in contact with all my vendors and kept things moving along perfectly. She was never far from my side and was completely focused on the task at hand. They made sure all the ceremony items were picked up and brought to the RH, which was very helpful. I also paid her a bit extra to tie on all my chair bows, which was a huge task, but a beautiful result.

She had a long checklist, but I also made her a list so she would know all my little details. They totally know their stuff, but she’s not a mind reader, so it’s important to work with her in order to make sure she knows what you want. From the morning to night, I did not stress over one thing AND my BP didn’t have to think about anything but to have fun. They are amazing.

Make up and Hair: Make Up Artists of Long Island
I went to about 3 trials before I went to Gretchen. She by far and away was the most impressive. I loved how she did my hair and makeup, giving me excellent advice for my makeup and hair that I still use!

She spent HOURS with me and even offered to drive me back to the train! I had come out from the city and she was just so thoughful.

She does hair and makeup and has a team. I hired her to do my hair and makeup and hair and makeup for the moms and some of my bridal party.

She arrived right on time, early in the morning for our 2pm wedding. We were doing everything in the bridal suite, which worked out well. As soon as I got up that morning, I began having a mini meltdown and a little unglued.Looking back it was so funny, after 2 years of planning, I suddenly got the jitters big time. The first thing I said to Gretchen when she arrived was, “I don’t think I can do this today!” She just said, go lie back down and rest, we will take care of everything. Sure enough, they got to work, my girls came in one by one to get their work done and I rested for a few minutes. (and said my rosary!) Soon I was up and just fine.
Gretchen was so friendly, everyone liked her and the work was great. Our hair and makeup held up really well, even though some of our styles were complicated.

Since my wedding, I have really gotten into having my makeup done for special events because of my good experience with Gretchen and if we lived on the Island I would go to her all the time!
MALI was about the best price wise of all that I tried, and it was so convenient to have an artist who did both.

Tenor: Gregory Mercer
Genesis located a tenor for us to cantor our wedding and perform at the reception. The music had to be perfect and Mr. Mercer was nothing short of amazing! He has a beautiful and gifted voice and brought tears to everyone's eyes. He sang all the wedding music, then he sang our first dance song, Nessun Dorma, which was nothing short of a dream come to life. Finally. We had him sing Italian songs during the dinner seating. We had so many people complimenting this. It turned out to be such a perfect addition to our recorded music. Mr. Mercer was not only a wonderful performer, but was so professional and kind. It wasn't as expensive as it would seem, and he certainly was worth more than he charged, but we are very happy we splurged on this.

Music: Royal Brass Trumpets
Very professional, very good performers and really added a nice touch. They contributed to the majesty of the ceremony music greatly and the guests enjoyed being greeted by the trumpeters as they entered the church. They also provided us with a cello player for a particular solo piece turning our Unity Candle lighting. Again, no problem at all, reasonable cost for the service by far and very much enjoyed. Highly recommended.

Limos: Camelot
Camelot was perfect the entire day. We booked them online just based on reputation and were not disappointed in the least. They showed up and got us around on time, not problems at all.

The limos even communicated to each other regarding a traffic jam so we avoided sitting in traffic and maybe being late. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is the limos and we didn’t need to at all! We got the new Bentley for the couple, and it was very fun and glamorous!

Hotel: Viana
The hotel is extremely accommodating and weddings are a huge part of their business, so they handle the room blocks, reservations and gift bag distribution very well. We got spa services on the Friday before the wedding and they were all professional and relaxing. Our rooms were huge and the bridal suite was perfect for my large wedding party.

The only major thing that went wrong, and this was mostly my fault, was that I forgot and left the Do Not Disturb light on when we left, I wasn’t even thinking, and they wouldn’t come in to clean the room. Sooo we got back to a huge mess of smelly bagels and mimosas all over the place. The funny thing is that they came in to strew rose petals and leave champagne, so I’m not sure how they didn’t realize the room should have been cleaned in spite of my oversight. Also, the next AM the TV was not working and the sink was clogged which was a annoyance, but they fixed it right away. Make sure your MOH or DOC checks the room situation before you leave for the wedding!

Honeymoon: Crystal Cruises
My DH planned the Honeymoon all by himself. I literally did not know where we were going until he printed out the tickets at the airport! We had two days between the ceremony and the honeymoon, which I highly recommend. It was so nice to be able to pack after the wedding and not while everything else was going on.

Anyway, DH made every plan and detail: we went to Nice, then to Monaco and boarded a cruise ship for a 9-day cruise around the Mediterranean! We took the Crystal Cruise line, which was absolutely beyond belief! He sprang for a penthouse room with our own private butler, just a complete dream! Crystal Cruiseline is a bit more expensive than the usual, but I can’t recommend them enough. The service and food was outstanding. We stopped at ports in Italy, France and Spain, but I would have been happy to just stay on the boat the whole time.

If he’s into it, I highly recommend letting your fiancé plan the honeymoon and make it a surprise. DH was so proud of himself for making such a great honeymoon, and so was I!, and it was like his own little project during the planning.

I hope this helps those of you who are planning currently. Most of all, just enjoy the ride and make sure you post your reviews to help out others. Its why LI Weddings is so great!

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MrsDtoBe Posted: Feb 28, 2014 06:53 PM+
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9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more! - Long Island Weddings

Great review!!! I'm so happy that you had an amazing wedding. It's so nice to hear that Floral Terrace is actually as amazing as I already think they are

It also sounds like you had an incredible honeymoon!! What a sweet HUSBAND (is it weird hearing that word?) you have!!

Thanks for sharing
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9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more! - Long Island Weddings

Great review!
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9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more! - Long Island Weddings

Awesome review... my FH is planning the honeymoon too. All I know it will be somewhere we havent been before. hes trying to keep it a surprise..
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TalliePad218 Posted: Mar 05, 2014 05:12 PM+
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Posted: Mar 05, 2014 05:12 PM bride-minus.png

9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more! - Long Island Weddings

Such an amazing review! Thank you for being so detailed! I have been waiting for someone to put a Floral Terrace review. It has been worth the wait! So happy you had the wedding of your dreams!
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Karin Posted: Mar 06, 2014 05:45 PM+
Karin MEMBER SINCE: 3/12 TOTAL POSTS : 1113 WEDDING DATE: Sep 21, 2013
Posted: Mar 06, 2014 05:45 PM bride-minus.png

9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more! - Long Island Weddings

It's a great place. I cannot say enough good things about them. Tell Frank Karin from 10/21/13 said hi!
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Karin Posted: Mar 29, 2014 04:13 PM+
Karin MEMBER SINCE: 3/12 TOTAL POSTS : 1113 WEDDING DATE: Sep 21, 2013
Posted: Mar 29, 2014 04:13 PM bride-minus.png

9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more! - Long Island Weddings

I added our website which has highlights video and non-pro photos at the top of my review.
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Karin Posted: May 28, 2014 09:20 AM+
Karin MEMBER SINCE: 3/12 TOTAL POSTS : 1113 WEDDING DATE: Sep 21, 2013
Posted: May 28, 2014 09:20 AM bride-minus.png

Re: 9/21/13-My LONG Review of Floral Terrace, Genesis, DejaVu, MALI, AMDA, Colonial Florists an so many more!

Added our professional photo teaser to show the wonderful work of Gretchen at MALI. She did our hair and makeup with her team. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
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