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I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's
booie135 Posted: Apr 27, 2015 04:14 PM+
booie135 MEMBER SINCE: 4/14 TOTAL POSTS : 531 WEDDING DATE: Apr 11, 2015
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 04:14 PM bride-minus.png

I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

Hey ladies!

Let me just take a second to say BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Perfect from start to finish! Getting back to some normalcy finally after wedding events, honeymoon, moving into an apartment, just general craziness!

Here's our highlight reel if you'd like to take a peek! CTM rocks!

Here goes a lengthy review! Hope it helps some of you just as much as some of the other reviews on here helped me!

Surprise Engagement Party - Nicky's By the Bay - Bay Shore, NY
Gorgeous location and food was amazing! Perfect for a low-key summertime engagement party! They tent the outside in case of poor weather so don't stress a cloudy day!

Bridal Shower - Irish Coffee Pub, East Islip, NY (A+++++++)
AMAZING! My family uses the Irish Coffee Pub as the location for many of our family events. You can't be the price and the food is amazing! (Get the potato soup please!)

Bachelorette Party - Foxwoods (A)
So, so, so much fun! Great location that you don't have to leave to tons of different things! Go to the bowling alley and buy a package so worth it! Club was great, spa was great, dinners were awesome! Really fun weekend away!

The Dress & Veil: Bridal Suite of Bay Shore (A-)
This bridal suite was super helpful in finding my perfect dress! Seamstress Rosa was AMAZING! Even when we ran into some disagreements on how to bustle my long train, she held her tongue and end product was BEAUTIFUL! Don't let them tell you you want something different than you do, they will work with you to make it perfect! My only rationale for the A- is when I went for my 'first look appt' they sales rep was really pushy with trying to get me to take the dress off right away, I had only had it on for about 10 minutes and she wanted me to take it off! One other little note is, day of once I had my dress on we realized the scalloped lace at the bottom of the dress was torn in the front, a quick stitch by my sister and it was all better, so grand scheme no big deal!

Engagement Ring - Idone Jewelry - Sayville, NY (A)
Giorgio created a custom ring that was exactly what I wanted!

Wedding Bands - Zales - (B+)
The bands are beautiful and came in quick, however confidence was low when they made mistakes ordering and led to some confusing phone calls about ring sizes.

Garter, DOJ, BM jewelry, tons of signs, ETSY - (A++++
(FM me if you see any in the video and I'd be happy to tell you the vendor)
Shoes - Betsy Johnson Blue collection (A+) COMFY FLATS!
Hairpiece - Francine's Bridal in Sayville, NY - (B) a bit over priced in my opinion but looked gorgeous in pictures so worth it!

Hair/Makeup - Glammy Godmother - Amanda J. (A++++)
Find her on FB she's seriously amazing and super affordable!

Bridesmaid Dresses - The Wedding Center at Commack (B+)
Price is right at this place, but don't expect world-class service. I suggest going somewhere else to shop and make your final purchase here!

Tuxes - Mens Warehouse - (C)
Mens Warehouse was our only option with out of town groomsmen, service was terrible our first visit, I complained big time and we ended up getting some money back and it turns out the manager of the store was actually terminated a week after my experience with him. But they also ordered all the wrong ties for the guys, and make sure someone goes to your FH's fitting with him to make sure he looks good, the sales reps really don't do much for you!

Save the Dates/Invitations - Zazzle / Cards&Pockets (A+)
Biggest DIY endeavor of my life, but totally paid off!

Flowers - Elegant Designs By Joy - (A+++++++)
USE HER! She will take care of everything! She loves what she does and she's amazing. Not the cheapest but affordable, you get what you pay for and she works with a budget! Just go meet with her, you won't be disappointed!

Transportation (Rolls Royce & Limo Bus) - Camelot Limos (A)
Joe P is awesome, the ladies working in the office not so much. They lost some of our paperwork which was a little unnerving, but day of they were there EARLY, super EARLY and made sure everything was as smooth as possible. Push comes to shove, RELIABLE, affordable and a great company.

Shuttle Service - North Fork Transportation (D)
The only hiccup of the day was with the coach bus hired to transport from the hotel to the reception and back at the end of the evening. The coach bus was over 45 minutes late to pick up guests to bring them to the cocktail hour making them all about 20 minutes late. They didn't call the contact person to let them know they were on the way, so when word got around to me, the dispatch got a very angry bride on the phone demanding answer smack dab in the middle of her wedding day. The bus did show up, and offered a partial refund, but buyer beware with this one.

The Venue - Bayview House & Captain Bill's - (A++++++++++++++)
I feel like this is a serious hidden gem! This room is stunning, the food is amazing, the service is unbeatable, and top it off price is definitely reasonable! I can't rave enough. Timing was perfect, we ate everything from cocktail hour, had every version of dinner entree, and they sent us home with one of everything as well! Honestly, FM me, or I will rave for days about this place!

Cake - Rolling Pin Bakery (A)
Was included with Captain Bill's, cake was delicious and looked amazing (shout out to the Joy our florist for decorating beautifully!)

DJ - Bob Loggia - Top Hat Entertainment (A++)
Bob is a one man show that has been doing this for years and you can tell. If you just want someone to get up there play great music, get people dancing, and not harass everyone with the MC/lights and craziness, CALL BOB!

Cocktail Hour - Piano - Stan Wiest (B+)
Unobtrusive, played great, a little pricey, but they all are!

Photobooth - (B)
Bought this as a living social deal and they come from NJ. They were a little late to arrive and weren't the friendliest to me while setting up, but everyone LOVED IT! Get a photobooth, it doesnt take away from anything and people LOVE IT!

Photo/Video - Capture the Moment (A+++++++++++++)
My best wedding decision! Jess and her team are amazing (Rob is a crazy good videographer). We booked for both photo and video, and honestly I can't rave enough. She is amazing and they are the sweetest people. Also super unobtrusive! I never felt like they were in the way or pushy, and its only 2 weeks after my wedding and I have a draft of my full video, my highlight reel and 800 edited proofs! AMAZING!

Room Block / After Party - Hilton Garden Inn Islip (A+)
Great to work with and allowed us to bring in food and drinks for an after party in a meeting room! Awesome wedding decision!

Honeymoon - Costa Rica (A++++++++++++++++++++++++)
FM me, I'll go on for days on here about how beautiful Costa Rica is. If you are into nature, hiking and adventure, you HAVE TO GO!

I added some of our teaser pics, CTM put up on FB (the day after the wedding BTW), hope this helps some of you, don't hesitate to send questions my way! But ENJOY PLANNING!

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rcotter90 Posted: Apr 27, 2015 04:34 PM+
rcotter90 MEMBER SINCE: 10/13 TOTAL POSTS : 2464 WEDDING DATE: Aug 26, 2016
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 04:34 PM bride-minus.png

I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

Congrats!! So glad you had an amazing day! :) Your video and pics are beautiful!! We're using CTM for video too! Can't wait!!
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JessicaP07 Posted: Apr 27, 2015 08:08 PM+
JessicaP07 MEMBER SINCE: 7/14 TOTAL POSTS : 701 WEDDING DATE: May 07, 2016
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 08:08 PM bride-minus.png

I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

oh my goodness you looked so beautiful! your hair & makeup came out really good. also love your pictures & video. congrats glad you had a great day!
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Brirosie16 Posted: Apr 27, 2015 11:23 PM+
Brirosie16 MEMBER SINCE: 4/15 TOTAL POSTS : 44 WEDDING DATE: Nov 04, 2016
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 11:23 PM bride-minus.png

I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

Congrats and great review, thanks for sharing! You look beautiful and so happy!
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Vimaheri Posted: Apr 28, 2015 10:25 AM+
Vimaheri MEMBER SINCE: 10/14 TOTAL POSTS : 253 WEDDING DATE: May 29, 2016
Posted: Apr 28, 2015 10:25 AM bride-minus.png

I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

Looks like it was a great day!!
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FutureMrsGomez Posted: Apr 28, 2015 11:38 AM+
FutureMrsGomez MEMBER SINCE: 2/15 TOTAL POSTS : 562 WEDDING DATE: Jan 16, 2022
Posted: Apr 28, 2015 11:38 AM bride-minus.png

I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

everything came out lovely!!!! congrats!
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NicoleTia15 Posted: Apr 30, 2015 11:03 AM+
NicoleTia15 MEMBER SINCE: 3/15 TOTAL POSTS : 2 WEDDING DATE: Jul 16, 2016
Posted: Apr 30, 2015 11:03 AM bride-minus.png

Re: I'm a MRS! 4/11/2015 Bayview House @ Captain Bill's

Beautiful pictures and awesome review!!!! I'm going to see the Bayview House at Captain Bill's on Saturday and I'm even more excited now!!! I think that may be the one for us! :)
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