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Majestic Gardens 5/25/14 (Dream DJ Entertainment, As You Wish Photography, Etsy, Sir Oliver, Hampton...
RissyRoo Posted: May 31, 2014 11:07 AM+
RissyRoo MEMBER SINCE: 3/12 TOTAL POSTS : 181 WEDDING DATE: May 25, 2014
Posted: May 31, 2014 11:07 AM bride-minus.png

Majestic Gardens 5/25/14 (Dream DJ Entertainment, As You Wish Photography, Etsy, Sir Oliver, Hampton Inn,

Let me first start off by saying that even though there were a few minor hiccups, I wouldn't change a thing! With that being said, here it goes.

Also, I'm not doing any of that A++++++++ nonsense because it takes away from the best of the best. So my grading scale will be A+, A, A-, B+, B, B- and so on and so forth. :)

Majestic Gardens: A+

I could not imagine a more perfect place to get married. Everything was even better than I had hoped, and my Bridal Attendant Angela and Maitre'd Liz were OUTSTANDING. Whenever there was an issue, it was handled right away and without a fuss, and the issues were NEVER their fault. Majestic Gardens was everything I possibly could have imagined and more.

Dream DJ Entertainment: A

The DJ was excellent. I only had two minor issues. The first issue being that my husband and I wanted to be introduced to Sublime's 'What I Got' and instead they played 'Santeria'. Not that big of a deal... noticeable to us, but not to any guests, so it wasn't that serious. And, I was only expecting one photo booth attendant so when there were two I had to count my lucky stars that a couple of guests weren't able to attend so I didn't have to pay for the extra vendor. The DJ, MC, photobooth attendants and Zap Shots photographer were awesome. We walked away with almost 400 photos, all tasteful and professionally shot. And we have an awesomely funny guestbook filled with adorable photobooth pictures.

As You Wish Photography: A+

Chris and Margaret were fantastic to work with. They got our sense of humor, took shots of exactly what was asked of them and more, and I truly enjoyed working with them. Chris kept it as natural as possible because our bridal party is a little over the top so he just went with it and I'm sure he produced some pretty epic photos. Outstanding, and VERY reasonably priced.

Trader Joe's Flowers

We had a minor hiccup with what the girls were carrying down the aisle. I wound up breaking the dang things two nights before the wedding, so my maid of honor and I decided to run to Trader Joe's, pick up a couple of bouquets of fresh flowers, and see what happened. Well, we put them together Saturday and all but one lived to see Sunday night. A perfect fix for an unexpected problem.

Wedding Center of Commack (Bride and Bridesmaids): A

As my bridal gown, I wore the same exact dress the bridesmaids wore, but they wore blue and I wore white. Despite the one witch in the basement (whose name I don't remember so I couldn't divulge even if I was allowed to), everyone was very nice. They didn't get an A+ because they didn't listen to my girls when they said they didn't want the dresses ordered in the sizes they wanted to order them in. One of my girls had to pay an astronomical alterations fee because the dress was so big (not at WCoC, obviously).

Men's Warehouse: A

As far as I know, there weren't any huge problems. The guys were not thrilled with the pocket squares because they said they had frayed edges, but if that's the only problem, then I'll take it.

Sir Oliver's Limousines: B

Okay, my first B. Unbeknownst to me until AFTER the wedding (thank goodness for the staff at Majestic Gardens for keeping me shielded from this)... one of the shuttle drivers decided not to read his paperwork and went to Majestic Gardens with an empty bus at 6:15, instead of arriving at the Hampton Inn in Farmingville at 6:15 to get my guests to the venue by 6:45. So, the guests that were utilizing the shuttle from the hotel missed much of the ceremony. Is it life altering? No. Annoying? Yes.

Make-Up: Dana Curtin Glaser: A+

Fantastic! She made me look like me but with SPARKLES! She listened to what I wanted, and when she knew what I wanted would have looked ridiculous, she presented me with other options. Thank goodness, or else I would've looked like a two-bit hooker at my own wedding. (I really, REALLY love glitter.)

Hair: Dusti from FireMonkey: A+

Dusti is fantastic with hair! First of all, she made all of my bridesmaids look like freakin ROCK STARS and I felt so comfortable with my hair ALL night. It stayed where it was supposed to, and it looked beautiful from start to finish.

Bouquet: Etsy: A+

I have to review this because the item that was most complimented was my bouquet. I ordered it about a year before the wedding and it was as perfect then as it was last Sunday. This is the link to her Etsy store.
Etsy Bouquet Retailer

Hampton Inn Farmingville: A+
On Memorial Day Weekend, they were able to get me into not one, but TWO rooms with early check-in. The rooms, although not grossly spacious, were big enough to do all of the 'getting ready' things. I didn't care about those photos because they weren't on my 'must have' list, so it worked out perfectly.

So, in a nutshell, that's how my wedding was. I wouldn't change a thing because in the end, I married the perfect man for me, so by default, the rest is just as perfect.
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melhunny46 Posted: Jun 11, 2014 08:23 PM+
melhunny46 MEMBER SINCE: 9/12 TOTAL POSTS : 710 WEDDING DATE: Oct 19, 2014
Posted: Jun 11, 2014 08:23 PM bride-minus.png

Majestic Gardens 5/25/14 (Dream DJ Entertainment, As You Wish Photography, Etsy, Sir Oliver, Hampton Inn,

Congrats! I am so glad you loved Majestic Gardens, because that is where I am getting married :)
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JaimeLin Posted: Jun 12, 2014 04:35 PM+
JaimeLin MEMBER SINCE: 7/12 TOTAL POSTS : 1448 WEDDING DATE: Oct 05, 2014
Posted: Jun 12, 2014 04:35 PM bride-minus.png

Majestic Gardens 5/25/14 (Dream DJ Entertainment, As You Wish Photography, Etsy, Sir Oliver, Hampton Inn,

I love Dusti! I'm so excited to work with her, do you have pictures of your hair?
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