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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed...
Soon2BeMrsPy Posted: Apr 27, 2014 09:39 AM+
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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Long Island Weddings A+
I have been on this website practically since the day we got engaged. I was so eager to join and learn everything and anything about weddings. I was obsessed. The site was extremely helpful and sometimes bad!!! It gave me so many ideas for stuff that I would have never thought about which were obviously adorable little touches but there were quite a few ideas that cost me more money! haha! It was all worth it though. The support from the girls was fantastic and I have loved every second getting to know many other brides and have become extremely good friends with some. It is so nice to connect with women who are all supportive of each other. LIW was extremely helpful in giving me ideas, reigning in some of my ridiculous ideas, answering many of my questions about things and providing a phenomenal support system!

Proposal A++++
I was completely surprised by his proposal. We had discussed marrying each other and I was under the impression it would have been around the winter time in 2012. Well, we were out running errands one day and we got back to our apartment and when I walked in.. the TV was on with a photo montage of pictures of us along with our favorite love songs, there were rose petals, balloons, bouquet of my favorite flowers (daisies), champagne, & chocolate covered strawberries. I was in complete and utter shock. I literally said “what is going on?!” I was looking at the montage and turned around and he was there on his knee!!!! I immediately starting crying and he had said such beautiful words to me, asked me to marry him and of course I said YES!! We then popped open the champagne and had A LOT!! We called everyone and then he told me to get dressed up and we went out to an Italian restaurant called Rialto in Westbury. The food was fantastic. The service was even better. When we arrived, they had a quaint corner table with a bucket of champagne set up and gave us our intimate space yet prompt service. Everything was just perfect!

The Ring A++++
My now husband did a phenomenal job with my ring. He knows I am a traditionalist and got me the most perfect ring. He went to Dennis Dalton in the Bowery in NYC. He picked me out a spectacular 1 1/2 carat round diamond in a Tiffany setting. He did his research and got me an excellent hearts and arrows cut which is one of the top cuts so my baby blings!!

Wedding Bands A++++
We knew we would go back to the jeweler my husband used for my engagement ring. I was browsing their website and was immediately drawn to a specific ring but waited for some time before we actually went into the city to look at bands. Once we got in store, I looked and immediately was drawn to a ring, naturally it was the ring I had previously fell in love with online. I tried it on and boom, that was it. It wasn’t a full eternity so I requested it be made to one. My husband had no idea of what he wanted other than he needed platinum because he is allergic to all metals. He browsed for some time and liked a certain ring that had a similar accents that matched mine so of course I liked it. We added 3 small diamonds to his and it came out totally beautiful. Dennis and his staff from the moment we walked in treated us with so much respect and really did wonderful on giving us a good deal. I highly recommend them!

Asking My Bridal Party B
I bought these super cute cookies that were shaped in a dress that were personalized with a sweet poem. I can’t remember the website but some of them came cracked which I should have expected, but it was so minimal I didn’t stress about it. I gave each girl a cookie and they all said yes and then had a yummy treat :)

Pre-Cana A+
We did our Pre-Cana through the church we got married in which was St. Dominic’s in Oyster Bay. We had to attend 3 consecutive Sundays that all started with a Mass. Our experience in Pre-Cana was one of the best experience I have ever had in my life. We always knew we were compatible but after taking FOCCUS and having open dialogue with other couples, we left having a much more solid foundation for our relationship. We have memories from Pre-Cana that will last a lifetime.

VistaPrint A+
I ordered A LOT from Vistaprint such as Engagement invitations, thank you’s, address labels, bubble wand stickers and cry pack stickers.The prices of everything I purchased were low but the quality was outstanding. VistaPrint is always my go to site when I want something printed and everything always quickly arrives.

Engagement Party A+
We had our engagement party at La Grotta in Little Neck. They are family friends and we have been going there for years. Marchello is a great host and the food is always amazing. We had a private room, plenty of space, homemade wine and an abundance of food, it was wonderful. For the favors, we chose small boxes that had a clear heart film. We filled them with white and pink M&M’s and tied it with a heart ribbon. We also put a personalized Thank You sticker on the back, which we purchased from VistaPrint for $18.

Photography/Videography/DJ-SilverFox A++++
We met SilverFox at a showcase from our Venue on the way out. We passed their booth last and Justin was there representing the company. Him and my husband got to talking and we immediately felt drawn to him. We set up an appointment, later met with him and chatted for over 2 hours. We just connected and we booked on the spot, hand selecting Justin. We wanted him! Thank heavens we picked him because our correspondence and our experience with SilverFox has been top notch and the sneak peak of our wedding photos-- I AM IN LOVE.
Engagement Photos: A-
After we booked our photographer, we took our engagement photos at Argyle Park in Babylon. It is such a beautiful location and we were so eager to take photos. Unfortunately, there was a wind storm that day and some of the photos were horrible! My hair is whipping everywhere and I was getting super stressed out. I hate my “side face” and with the wind blowing, I was mortified to see what was happening via her lens. Leah, she was our photojournalist, took the photos and was super patient with us. We would have rescheduled but I was like I only need a few for the STD, we can make it happen! Luckily, she did! We got quite a few that we loved. I was so thankful she worked patiently with us and that wind!!
Save the Dates: A+
They made our save the date magnets for us. When we booked, they threw in a credit and we applied that credit to the magnets. They did a great job. Cristian does the design and is very creative. They were always prompt with designs, email correspondence and delivered exactly what we wanted.
Wedding Photos: A++++
We booked both a main photographer (Justin) and a photojournalist (Leah). They both arrived on time and ready to go. Justin made me feel so comfortable and was in excellent spirits. Leah spent more time with the GM while Justin’s focus was me. Based on reviews from my husband, she was awesome! Justin is such a fun guy to be around, I didn’t feel stiff in my photos at all. He was on his game the whole day and I allowed him to take creative liberty and I just know he got great shots. We had plasma screens during the reception and he had been posting photos that were taken, unedited, and posted them and EVERYONE was in awe of how phenomenal they looked. I was beyond impressed myself since 99% of the time, I hate how I look in photos. I can honestly say Justin is the BEST photographer I have ever come across and was worth every single cent. Our photos are outstanding!! I am completely obsessed with every single one. I am SO thankful! I will recommend SilverFox from now until kingdom come because they were unbelievable.
Videography: A+ for memorial video, Pending Wedding Video
In meeting with Justin we discussed options for videography as well as we wanted a team that worked well together and knew each others moves so there was no conflicts between setting up, timing or how they work. That was such a smart choice because I felt Justin and Walter(videographer) had such a great repore with each other, they definitely worked together well and knew each others next step without vocalizing it. It was a smooth job between the two of them. We had correspondence with Walter regarding a memorial video montage we wanted to play during the reception and we sent him the song and photos we liked, well he created us the most beautiful video. Tears were in everyones eyes. It was beautiful. He was such a sweet guy. Very kind and worked amazingly well with Justin. I am so impressed with the quality of employees SilverFox has.
We found out about SilverFox entertainment upon meeting with our photographer. He explained they have an entertainment section that is owned by Opera Steve. We decided to make an appointment as I love a one stop shop. We met with Steve for hours and fell in love with his personality. He was such a lovable, fun guy we knew he would rock at our party and sure enough.. he did! I had hatched a surprise entrance for my husband and had secret correspondence with Steve and he really helped me pull it off. He never let on to my husband we had a secret plan and it was awesome! I was so impressed with not only his resume but his love for what he does.

*I could not say enough positive things about the entire team at SilverFox. They blew my mind and made me and my husband extremely happy with their level of professionalism. They were just phenomenal!

Registries at BBB & Macy’s: A
We registered at BBB and Macy’s. We went in store at BBB in Farmingdale and Macy’s in the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa. Everyone was extremely helpful. We added a few items to both but continued adding/removing for quite some time online. We wanted to experience the in store component of registering but preferred online as I was getting flustered in the store with all the choices and needed time to think!

Bridal Shower A+
Fairfield South Clubhouse in Farmingville. My BIL is the superintendent for a townhouse community and it has a gorgeous clubhouse so needless to say, we had my shower there! It was wonderful. The food was catered from a local deli named Moller’s and it was scrumptious. My sister has been using for 5+ years, they are just such nice people. They recommended a server named Jeanette and we contacted her and ended up booking her too. Her company is called Helping Hands and she was a doll. She filled up chip bowls, took care of everything that needed to be refilled and taken away, took the garbage out, packed up all of the extra food, all the presents and the list goes on and on. I didn’t for one second worry if there was enough ice, or if the garbage needed to be taken out, she helped ease my stress and I would absolutely recommend her.
The cake was from Stop and Shop bakery and was delicious. Again, my sister has been using their bakery department for 5+ years and the cakes are always great and the price was VERY reasonable!
My sister and my mom did a really great job with decorations, organizing games and keeping the love and fun alive. I received recipes and advice from my guests which was nice keepsake. The favor was an adorable daisy trinket box and I was so happy with them because I love daisies. I had such a wonderful day. My sister ordered my shower invites from They were called Bride’s Sketchbook and the design was so dainty and delicate! The paper quality was superb and I am still very much in love with that design. For Thank you’s, I purchased two boxes of Hortenese B. Hewitt Heartfelt Thank You cards from Amazon. They were cute, good quality and well priced.

Bachelorette Party A+
My sister hosted my bachelorette party and it was superb. We went to the Vianna Hotel and Spa, had a FULL spa day, dinner and stayed overnight. I am not much of a drinker or partier so this was right up my alley. The spa services were amaziiiiiinnnngg! The staff was extremely kind and really helped you relax. They were all very professional and I definitely felt they were educated on their craft. The hotel room was beautiful. We went to dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, it was called Marco Polo’s. The food was a fusion of italian and asian. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know how that would go but OMG...the food was delicious and the dessert I got was seriously.. Heaven. I ordered a S’mores Eggroll and have been craving it ever since. After dinner we went back to the room, had some snacks and watched Bridesmaids, it was pure perfection.

Invitations A+
Ellen from Addressed2Impress.. I don’t even know where to begin... She was off the charts fantastic. I found her online and we met with her at our local Starbucks, browsed through some of her designs and we expressed what we wanted. We booked a lot of our vendors purely on your gut instinct and after meeting her, we just knew we would be compatible. She was extremely quick with getting us a proof and I was annoying... I would constantly email her with this or that and she was always patient with me as well as receptive to the things I wanted. She did all of our printing for us (OOT labels, timelines, menus, escort cards, favor stickers, ceremony programs).Everything she made for us was high quality and perfect. Our invitations were so beautiful and so special to us. I highly recommend her!!!

David’s Bridal, Lake Grove:
Bridesmaid Dresses: A
I knew early on that we would be doing silver of some sort and started browsing on their website. I came across one I liked, grabbed my sister (MOH), went in store had her try it on and that was it! The customer service that day was good. We knew what we wanted so we basically just needed the attendant to find it, which she did and after that she let us be, which was what I preferred. Once I needed something, she was prompt. I was a bit bummed that the original color I was interested in for the bolero, they didn’t make, which wasn’t their fault but still a let down. I added a short black bolero because I was buying my BM black Uggs and thought that next to the groomsmen would look wonderful. I emailed all of my BM the information for the dress and they went and ordered them. It came in about 1-2 weeks!! The quality of the dress was great and the style was flattering on all of my girls who are different body types.
My Dress: A+
I went with my mom, sister and niece (FG). I had no idea what I wanted. I just knew I wanted something that was going to be comfortable. I am not a frilly girl and didn’t want to be aware I was in a dress but I still wanted to look like a traditional bride. I am a traditionalist and my wedding was in a church so I knew I wanted my shoulders covered (plus I hate my fat arms!). I tried on one and was like wow, I look good! I didn’t get emotional or feel butterflies but was like Ok let’s get it haha. I am pretty decisive with certain things but my mom insisted I continue to try on different styles, so I did. I tried on another one and felt like a “real” bride in it. It was beautiful but something was missing so I continued to try on a few and just wasn’t blown away. I don’t believe in getting butterflies to know that is the dress because it isn’t the dress, I needed an emotional connection to it. Well, I kept going back to dress #2, I put it back on and was really liking it but something was missing, I finally asked the attendant about a cap sleeve. She brought over a lace sleeve that was a perfect match to the bottom of the dress, once I put that on my arm I was like, there it is! That is what was missing. I was in love. I then put on the whole shebang and my mom started crying which in turn made an emotional connection for me, so I teared up and that is how I decided on my gown! I ordered the dress and it came in 2 weeks. I then went to alterations to have the cap sleeves added on and they did a great job. It was inexpensive ($60) for the add on and I definitely felt like they were sewn in well. When I went to pick up my gown, there was a crease in the bodice that wasn’t there when I dropped it off. I panicked, of course but the woman was reassuring it would come out, after much persuasion and pressed it out for me. I had an overall good experience with David’s. The gown is an Oleg Cassini Satin Bodice with an Organza skirt with beading. I felt beautiful, thin and comfortable in it! I just sent it out to be preserved and hope one day I have a daughter that will appreciate the sentiment and beauty of it :)
Fur Caplet/Veil/Headpiece: A+
The headpiece I chose was a match to my dress and I loved it!! I thought it added that traditional feel to my hairstyle and my veil was fairly plain with a light beading trim. I ended up wearing my veil the whole night and didn’t feel it was “too” much. The fur caplet was a last minute purchase and I am so glad I did. It worked so well. It kept me warm and was a nice addition to mix up my look for photos.

DOJ: A++++
My MIL passed away January, 2012 and I decided to look through her jewelry to potentially borrow something. I was browsing through her stuff and was having difficulty finding a pair of earrings or a set of something. I eventually came across a pair of snowflake earrings and nearly cried. It felt like destiny!! What were the odds she had snowflakes for my winter wedding that were a pair?! I obviously went with those. I was then looking for a necklace to match and came across a beautiful piece that my husband said, that’s it! so I wore that. I felt honored to wear her jewelry and really felt her with me. The morning of the wedding, my husband sent over a card and gifts. One of the gifts was a Kate Spade “I Do” bangle bracelet and I wore that the day of the wedding. I was very pleased with my jewelry as there was a ton of sentiment behind each piece.

Shoes: A+
UGGS!!! Best.Decision.Ever. I knew right away I was NOT wearing heels. I can’t walk in heels regularly, I was not attempting it on my wedding day. I am a flats wearer so being that I was having a winter wedding, I went on Uggs and saw they had a wedding collection. I purchased the Bailey, I do Uggs which also provided me with my something blue. They were beyond comfortable and the best decision! My advice- FLATS!!! I also bought all of my Bridesmaids Traditional Short Black Uggs and bought my niece(FG) the black Bailey Bow Uggs. All of us wore Uggs and got some really cute photos with them.

Tuxedos: B+
Men’s Wearhouse, Carle Place.
We went with my FIL, BIL, Husband and Mom. When we arrived we were immediately greeted and were provided help by this one man (who I wish I could remember his name because he was fantastic.) Anyway, I was completely intolerable. I was all over the place with my thoughts and liked one thing and then another and then another and my husband was getting frustrated with me and I with him, and it was a hot mess. I was so overwhelmed and most times can be very decisive and clearly other times can not even process a thought. After I surrendered control and relaxed, we ended up picking a silver striped tie, with a silver dotted vest for the GM, the same style for the Fathers in black and my husband picked all white vest/tie- white paisley print tie and a white vest that had the same paisley print on the back. He looked sooooooo handsome! When we went to pick up the tuxes, there was a mishap. My husbands tux was all sorts of wrong, it didn’t fit the right way and I was beyond irritated. I was flipping out because I didn’t understand how measurements and what not could be THAT OFF. I definitely made it clear I was NOT a happy camper. Once I expressed my distaste, they were quick to call the seamstress and assure me things will be fixed. They immediately corrected the issues right then and there while we waited which eased my stress as it was 2 days before the wedding. The customer service was OK. The initial man we dealt with was fantastic but the customer service we received when we picked up was not the best. The employees seemed pre occupied and uneducated. I didn’t think they were the type of representatives that should be working in an establishment like that. Thankfully the seamstress was there and took care of everything. The tuxes looked fantastic the day of and for the price, were as expected in terms of quality. I would recommend Men’s Wearhouse as they are quick, reasonably priced but I would definitely suggest being stern in your demands, as I felt that once I opened my fat mouth with complaints, they were super prompt with trying to make us happy.

Glamour Me Up Down the Aisle: A+
Make up and hair were definitely one of those vendors that I was stressed about. I had no idea what I wanted. I came across Gina Marie and she lived locally, was willing to travel and had great pricing. I had multiple trials with her and they were all very lengthy and she never lost her patience with me. I was stuck on using her because she was just soooo sweet! She was absolutely amazing. She arrived bright and early for me and worked efficiently. She really helped me stay calm just by her mere presence. She did both my hair and makeup and did a spectacular job. I really felt that my hair, hairpiece and veil were secure and I didn't need to fiddle with my hair (which I tend to do!) at all and it stayed perfectly all day. My makeup, OMG, where do I begin?! I wanted a natural look but wanted to look bridal-y and Gina delivered. I felt beautiful, got so many complements, didn't need to reapply a thing and my pictures look stunning all thanks to my amazing hair/make up artist.

Limos: A+
We booked with All Star after being recommended by SilverFox. They are in the same building and we heard great reviews. We met with Debbie and knew exactly what we wanted when we saw their fleet. We booked the Packard, a Lincoln and an Escalade. Debbie was kind and reassuring. She seemed to know exactly what to do (which is to be expected since they have been in business for 30 years). I felt very confident. They arrived on time and we were all where we needed to be on time. They rolled out a red carpet and had chilled champagne for my husband and I after our ceremony. The car and drivers were superb.

Flowers by Burton: A+
I wasn’t overly particular about flowers. I found something I liked on the computer and said Yea, that will work! We heard about Flowers by Burton through one of my husband’s cousins friend who had previously gotten married. She indicated that they were priced based on quantity not flower type which I liked. We met with John and he said he could duplicate the picture I showed him of centerpieces and bouquets and made some recommendations/tweaks to my vision. I liked his recommendation and trusted in his “eye”. We later met to see a sample and I was blown away. The centerpieces were stunning! The price was well within our budget and the quality was phenomenal. The flowers arrived on time and the reception room looked absolutely gorgeous. Everyone complimented our centerpieces.

Wedding Cake/Favors:
Francesco’s Bakery: A+
Our cake was included from our venue. We met with Sandy at the Bakery and browsed through some ideas he had on his iPad. We came across one we loved and tweaked it a little bit by adding Fondant silver dusted snowflakes. Sandy was extremely helpful. We then had our tasting which was ammmmazing! All of the cake choices were delicious. My husband and I chose a delicious combination that we loved, felt everyone else would love and gave a bit of variety for those picky guests ;) We chose yellow cake with a layer of fresh strawberries, a layer of whipped cream and a layer of chocolate pudding with buttercream icing. The cake came out even prettier than I anticipated! We decided to do mini lattice apple pies as our favors and we chose to do them from Francesco’s as well. We indicated what we wanted and provided them with twine and stickers and they baked and assembled the favors for us. We were told they would be 3” but when we saw them displayed at the hall, they were MUCH bigger than I had thought. The twine we provided ended up not being enough because the size I had accounted for was smaller so they used a plain white twine and the twine I provided on some of the pies. I didn’t love that, but in the end no one probably even noticed. The pies were SOOOOOO good! The customer service at Francesco’s was pretty good. Sandy was a big help but we later found out he no longer worked there and were never informed so we were contacting him with no response for quite some time. He eventually responded us telling us he didn’t work there and directed us to the new employee we would be dealing with. She was fantastic and the transition from dealing with Sandy to her was seamless. We received so many compliments not only on how cute the idea was but also on how delicious they were. My Father in Law brought home extras and gave them out to members of the family after they called him asking for extras!

Hyatt Garden City: A
We had our hotel block at the Hyatt and when we went to check it out, were pleasantly surprised. It looked very clean and the rooms were nicely sized. We dealt with Jackie, who honestly, could have been a bit more attentive. She was very helpful when we were able to reach her. There were quite a few occasions when she was gone and no one else seemed to be able to help so we were left waiting. She did always get back to us but definitely not in a timely manner. Overall, she was OK. The hotel itself and their staff was fantastic. We had a day wedding and knew that some of our guests would like to keep the partying going so we asked about having a get together in the bar/lounge area and were allowed to do so. We had a bartender and congregated for a few hours! There were no complaints from the staff to us about noise or drinking/eating, anything. That was nice because it gave us an opportunity to more intimately hang with our guests before we departed. The hotel did provide a breakfast and it was yummy. There were hot and cold choices and I was definitely satisfied, as were our hotel guests. We had a great experience with the hotel.

Westbury Manor: A++++
This was the second venue we checked out and immediately as we pulled in, I got this feeling. I know it sounds super cliche but I felt immediately drawn in. We walked in and my husband and I looked at each other and “knew”. We were greeted by pleasant staff and we just loved the homey-ness of it. There were fireplaces in abundance and that was so appealing to me as I am an avid fireplace user. (We have an electric one and it is on even in the summer, the ambiance is so soothing to me.) We got a tour and were shown the rooms that would be provided if we booked with them and we just loved it. We booked on the spot! We dealt with Sandra and Lorena and we have nothing but fantastic things to say. The price was phenomenal. I was expecting way more but it was beyond reasonable. We were also pleasantly surprised when there was a clerical error putting our pp at $3 lower than our original meeting and Lorena honored it! That was a huge plus. Anytime we had a question or concern, I was able to reach Lorena immediately. The food at WM is beyond this world. I am not just saying that, I mean it! I am a penne ala vodka snob and I nearly died when I tried theirs. The food tasting was sublime. The food melted in my mouth and I was thrilled because to my husband and I, food was one of the most important components. Upon booking, the choices we were given for our guests, not only for dinner but for cocktail hour, were outrageous. There was SOOOOO much food. We picked all of the things we wanted and were so glad to hear everyone enjoyed everything we chose. The service at WM is top notch. I can not remember the name of our bridal attendant, Jeane I believe, but from the minute we arrived she was amazing. I accidentally spilled wax on my husband’s tuxedo during the unity candle ceremony and by the time I got out of the car, they had removed it already!!! I was blown away with how quick they handled it. They were prompt, caring, devoted to my husband and I as well as our guests. The bridal attendant and our maitre d Sandra were always in sight and always there for whatever I needed. My bustle came undone and the bridal attendant was right there to fix me up! My mom was fixing it and she told my mom to go enjoy herself and would handle it. I felt so well taken care of and not for one second worried about a thing. Their assistance really made the reception flow seamlessly. Westbury Manor was a spectacular venue and truly made our day complete.

Etsy, Ebay, The Knot, Exclusively Weddings, Personalization Mall, were all some of the websites I used for multiple items and had great success with them. I rated them on average as an A-

Honeymoon: A++++
12 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway to San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Barbados & St. Kitts.
We had multiple ideas for a honeymoon in mind and due to the time of the year, we were semi-forced into a warm weather location. We knew we wanted to go right away, for over a week, and that cruising would be the best option for us. We started browsing around and found this new ship and it was leaving out of NY and going to locations neither of us had been, besides San Juan, my husband had been before. The experience was fantastic. The boat was gorgeous!! We had a balcony room and it was spacious. We booked phenomenal excursions that were a blast and each island was beautiful. The weather was PERFECT. My husband and I are not into the heat but the weather was on point and we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The coordination between excursion and ship were well organized and we never got overwhelmed or confused, which I was fearful of. We ate like Kings and Queens and also enjoyed a ton of on board activities. I would definitely recommend a cruise and Norwegian took great care of us :)
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simba301 Posted: Apr 27, 2014 04:58 PM+
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Posted: Apr 27, 2014 04:58 PM bride-minus.png

My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Great review! Happy you had such a perfect day!
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katielynn Posted: Apr 27, 2014 08:24 PM+
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Posted: Apr 27, 2014 08:24 PM bride-minus.png

My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

It was such an amazing time!!! Such a great review!!
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Lori0413 Posted: Apr 27, 2014 09:31 PM+
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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Great review! I'm so glad you had the perfect day!
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meejack1110 Posted: Apr 28, 2014 08:01 AM+
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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Awesome review, it was such a great time and you and hubby's love just shined through the whole day. Plus the food. OMG amazing, I still dream of that Filet Mignon lol
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Caity828 Posted: Apr 28, 2014 10:22 AM+
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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Great review!! You've made me even more excited for our photos/ video from Silverfox!! Congratulations on such an amazing day! :)
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mrsj2014 Posted: Apr 28, 2014 05:03 PM+
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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

great review Mrs. Py :)
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christinechristian Posted: Apr 30, 2014 06:37 PM+
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My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

What a great review... glad you had a perfect day
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Brunettelizzie29 Posted: May 04, 2014 05:19 PM+
Brunettelizzie29 MEMBER SINCE: 1/13 TOTAL POSTS : 1352 WEDDING DATE: May 17, 2014
Posted: May 04, 2014 05:19 PM bride-minus.png

My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Great review!!!
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summerbridejen2015 Posted: May 04, 2014 09:30 PM+
summerbridejen2015 MEMBER SINCE: 4/14 TOTAL POSTS : 1131 WEDDING DATE: May 03, 2015
Posted: May 04, 2014 09:30 PM bride-minus.png

My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Sounds like such a great wedding! Makes me even more happy we booked silverfox :)
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summerbridejen2015 Posted: May 04, 2014 09:30 PM+
summerbridejen2015 MEMBER SINCE: 4/14 TOTAL POSTS : 1131 WEDDING DATE: May 03, 2015
Posted: May 04, 2014 09:30 PM bride-minus.png

My Spectacular 1/18/14 Wedding at Westbury Manor!! SilverFox, All Star, Flowers by Burton, Addressed2Impress, Glamour Me Up, Hyatt Garden City & more :D

Sounds like such a great wedding! Makes me even more happy we booked silverfox :)
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