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Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, B...
dncewtme Posted: Sep 05, 2014 01:33 PM+
dncewtme MEMBER SINCE: 4/13 TOTAL POSTS : 27 WEDDING DATE: Jul 26, 2014
Posted: Sep 05, 2014 01:33 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

First I would like to thank all the brides on LI Weddings for posting your reviews, concerns, thoughts, etc. I wasn’t much of a poster, but I always turned to this site for reviews on vendors and helpful advice, which is why I am writing a review on my day. Previous brides helped me so I would love to help future ones!

Advice for the brides- No matter how long you have planned for, or how many wedding coordinators you hire things happen the day of, and there is nothing you can do about it (speaking from experience). So sit back, relax, and take it all in, because like everyone does say IT GOES IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. Quick is an understatement, and before you know it you are kissing everyone goodbye wondering where your wedding day went. The weather might be bad, or the songs you told your dj to play might not get played but at the end of the day you are married to the one person you love more than anything, and that’s what it is really ALL ABOUT! Being a control freak it was hard to accept this, but I did and it made the day that much better.

Chateau Briand A ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Chateau Briand. I know almost every bride loves their venue (which is great) but I really felt like they went ABOVE and BEYOND all of my expectations. Coming from 2 large Italian families food is EVERYTHING. Our cocktail hour was to die for, and every morsel of food up to our Viennese hour was amazing. We still have people telling us our Viennese hour was one of the best they have ever been too. Our cocktail hour was held in the Europa lounge. I loved how this room had a “cruise ship” type feel. I have been in/gone to many weddings and it just had a very different look which my fiancé and I loved. Our room was the Saturnia. This is what drew me to Chateau Briand in the first place. No carpet or outdated pictures/wallpaper. Gorgeous wood floors with beautiful candles, tufted walls, and uplighting (that is all included). It was breathtaking. Our Viennese hour we held outside (we lucked out with weather) in the “Miami lounge” area. Our guests kept telling us how they felt like they were on vacation with all the white couches and palm trees. The size of the Viennese hour was also phenomenal. Any dessert you could dream of we had.

As for the staff our maître d was on point. Angel made us feel like top priority the week of the wedding as well as the entire day of. I have been in weddings where the maître de is a 20 year old kid who really doesn’t put the time and effort like Angel did. He was great. ALSO my 2 bridal attendants were like 2 little fairy godmothers. When I had heard that we were having 2 I thought to myself “ok just a money making scheme for staff to get bigger tips”, but this wasn’t the case. These 2 ladies were always by my side (and hubby) bringing drinks, towels to wipe his sweat, and anything else you could imagine. They even steamed my dress after I came from my ceremony and I felt my dress looked a little wrinkly. They helped out with even the most minor details and made us feel like king and queen for the day.
Also quick shoutout to Allison. She helped finalize our menu and tie loose ends. She went above and beyond and made us feel more like family or old friends then clients. Chateau needs to increase her salary!

Videographer Morelli Media TBA A+++++++++ John Morelli was one of my favorite vendors. I had trouble choosing a videographer because video was soooo important to me. Later on in life special people who attend your wedding are taken from us and to see their faces and hear their voices, well to me you just can’t put a price tag on that. When we first met with John he was thorough in explaining his process to us, and my fiancé and I immediately felt comfortable with him. His email replies were always immediate (which is great for controlling brides lol). We have only gotten a tiny snippet so far, but I am sure his work will be wonderful (hence the TBA)

LI Sound D This was probably one of the hardest reviews to write. Food and music to me are the 2 most important things at a wedding. Everyone usually raves about those 2 things. LI Sound has tons of great reviews on this site, and several family and friends have used them in the past as well. There was not a thought in my mind that we would have some issues with the DJ but unfortunately we were wrong ? When we met with Leo we booked almost every extra available. We got a photo montage, zap shots, the white system, extra lighting, our monogram, a special movie clip extra for our entrance, a percussionist (you name it we got it). I got ****** into the entire experience. Let’s fast forward to a 3 days before my wedding. I get a phone call from LI Sound that the MC who we had specifically asked for quit on them and could no longer do our wedding. I wanted to die. Not the type of phone call a bride needs 3 days before her wedding, but I was very understanding. I knew that ultimately this was not the DJ companies fault and there was nothing really either one of us could do. It was just a case of bad luck. I was assured that my MC would be phenomenal, and at this point 3 days before there was really nothing I could do. So that was my first minor hiccup- Now it’s the week of my wedding. Chateau Briand has their own flat screen TVs and our wedding coordinator had warned us that sometimes Chateau Briand’s hook up is not compatible with the DJ’s equipment. We had purchased a photo montage, wedding zap shots, and a movie clip montage which all need the TV’s in order to work. So I was worried. I spoke with Leo when we went to make our final payment who assured us that he was just at Chateau a week ago and the hook up was fine. He said that we would have no problem whatsoever. DAY OF THE WEDDING to make a long story short the TV’s and the the DJ equipment were not working…they were not compatible. REALLY???? I was furious. I had specifically spoke to you about this issue, you brushed me under the rug now I am literally standing outside waiting to be called in as the new MR and MRS and our movie clip isn’t working. The MC called us 2x which was so embarrassing, and by the 3rd time we just walked out. No movie clip, or cool entrance, nothing. I was SOOOO excited about this movie clip. I watched it a ton of times that week. I couldn’t wait for everyone to see, and it was a dud. They finally got it to work towards the end of the night, but it was a waste. People barely watched it, nobody even knew what it was, not what I had envisioned. Needless to say we were refunded for the movie clip, but you can’t get back that moment. It wasn’t about the money. LI Sound probably does a million weddings a year, and that’s how they made us feel. Like we were just another wedding. The music was great, they did keep the party going, and when all was said and done they did give us a refund for their mess up, but I honestly feel like it was something that should have never happened. If you are thinking of booking them really consider the type of attention you are looking for before you do.

In Full Bloom- A++++++ My flowers were breathtaking!!! I knew when I started this journey of wedding décor that I definitely did not want run of the mill centerpieces. My mother and I sat down with Chris and explained our vision. I sent pictures from Etsy and discussed colors and Chris made up a sample for us. Well I’m going to be honest, when I saw the first sample I almost died. It was the typical run of the mill centerpiece. Don’t get me wrong the flowers were beautiful, but the vase and the look of it wasn’t unique. It reminded me of something that had been done before over, and over again. My mother and I discussed with Chris, and the owner Marie how we weren’t happy and this was not our vision. Well, the 2nd sample blew us away. The vase was unique and the black crystals gave it just the right touch. We were much happier! So ladies you have to speak up! Don’t be afraid too....we also had 2 urns made up for our church which took my breath away. I also loved the little touches they did like for the mothers they gave them beautiful corsages that were actual bracelets and not just green elastic. Also Chris brought our urns from church to the actual reception, which most florists do not do for you. Anyway…I had a brooch bouquet so I can’t grade bridal flowers. My girls bridesmaid bouquets were definitely the largest bouquets I had ever seen. Full and lush. They were stunning. I was a little disappointed in my MOH bouquet because I asked for bling in her bouquet. If you are a bling girl like me you want it to sparkle. Well they stuck 5 crystals in her bouquet. To me that is not bling…5 crystals is nothing…I definitely would have wanted more. But all and all we were very happy with the service we received and the quality of the flowers.

Camelot Limos A+ Camelot provided wonderful service. We rented a Party bus from them and a Phantom for me and my father. I knew on the day of the wedding I needed a car with AC (since I got married in the summer) so the Phantom was the best bet. All of the cars we received were clean, the drivers were very friendly, and they arrived on time. Watch your time ladies because we were charged overtime ? What bride watches the clock on their wedding?

Lighthouse Photography A As soon as we sat down with Florio from Lighthouse we knew we wanted to book him immediately. We had shopped around at a few other photographers but we did not feel the connection we did with Lighthouse. The day of my wedding Florio, Charlie, and Kurt had my family and bridal party laughing and actually enjoying the sometimes tedious tasks of taking pictures. The Lighthouse staffed listened to my fiancé and I when we said we had enough, needed a break, or just wanted to get back to our party, without a blink. We just last night got our proofs back so I am in the process of going through over 2500 pictures. Our teasers and the few I have seen are truly beautiful.

Hair-Sharon Harris A+++++++++++ My hair was done by my hairdresser who I go to on a consistent basis. She does FABULOUS work and my hair was exactly what I wanted. She also did all of my girls and I felt their hair was just as beautiful. She ran on time and was so pleasant to work with for trials and day of. She works at IN Style Salon in West Islip and I would highly recommend her not only for brides but as a regular stylist!

Makeup Seth Foss- A+++++++ Seth does high end makeup (models, high fashion, runaway) for MAC and doesn’t normally do brides. He was a friend of my brothers who was doing him a favor. I had TONS of trials with very popular makeup artists on this site and was VERY disappointed with their work. When I had my trial with Seth he made me feel beautiful (unlike the others.) I am very into makeup and do where quiet a lot on a regular basis. All of these Long Island makeup artists just didn’t give me that wow factor. He made my bridesmaids as well as me look flawless. I loved him, but unfortunately do not think he would be available for other brides ? needless to say he was amazing.

Which leads me to my next review… now I had several makeup trials that were not impressive to me but I would never write a negative review because that is tacky. People have different opinions on what is beautiful so those makeup artists might be amazing to someone else….. But girls beware of this makeup artist before you invest any time or money.

Victoria Elizabeth Makeup F
I scheduled a makeup trial with Victoria Elizabeth Makeup prior to my wedding. She gave me a time and place and I was so excited to meet her because her website looked amazing. So let’s fast forward to day of the trial. My mother and I pull up to an office building and enter. We look at the directory outside the building and do not find Victoria Elizabeth Makeup listed. No biggie. We see a guard in the lobby and ask him if he can assist us. He begins to tell us he has never heard of Victoria Elizabeth Makeup before in this building and that we must be mistaken. Hmmm ok? So I call the number Victoria emailed to me for her makeup artist (think her name was Jessica). I begin to think maybe we are in the wrong building? Jessica doesn’t answer her phone. Goes to voicemail. So now I ALSO call Victoria’s number to find out what the deal is and she doesn’t answer. I check the website and the address is correct. So now I am confused? No one is answering their cells and it is now 15 mins past my appointment time. I told my mom forget this I am leaving. 30 mins after our appointment time I get a call from Jessica asking where are we? REALLYYYYY??? You are looking for us just now??? Where have you been for a half hour? I explained what happened to Jessica and tell her how unhappy I am that they completely wasted our time. I can hear her getting nervous so she tells me Victoria will be calling me soon. Victoria leaves a vmail and emails me that she is so sorry for the inconvenience. Both of them were with clients hence why they didn’t answer their phones. Her artist was downstairs in the lobby on time (which wasn’t true) because she is aware that her company isn’t listed on the directory. She doesn’t know what happened and begins to put the blame on us for the mishap. She then began to offer to reschedule our trial for us for 50 off the original price. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!!! My family owns a business and you never blame a customer even if it is there fault (WHICH IT WASN’T). We obviously did not do business with them. A building with no listing, not answering their phones, an owner who blames the customer, I would beware if you are thinking of contacting.

Bridal Suite Centereach A+ We ordered our bridesmaid dresses here. I called around a few places first and they had one of the cheapest prices. They were easy to work with, and my girls looked stunning. The dresses came in on time with no hiccups. We didn’t use them for alterations so I cannot grade that.

Francesco’s Bakery C So the reviews on this site aren’t very good for Francesco’s and now I know why. When we met with Giancarlo I expressed to him about the negative reviews that were on here. He was very nice but pretty much told us, sometimes we make mistakes, there’s nothing we can do. Huh? Not the response I was looking for. Granted I understand things happen, it’s just life, but that is not what I want to hear as a bride. I want reassurance that all will be perfect! But anyway…we picked our flavor and they worked with us on the price (so haggle ladies!). Day of the wedding I see our cake and it is NOT what we discussed. I even had picked a design they previously created! How do you mess that up? It was your creation! Luckily the cake was beautiful, but at the end of the day IT WAS NOT WHAT I ORDERED!!! I even bought my own brooches 16 (and they only put 10 on the cake) so where’s the other 6??? Probably on someone else’s cake. As far as taste I only ate a small morsel during the cake cutting ceremony. Guests said our cake was moist and delicious, but I would still go elsewhere. Ladies if you have a choice shop around….this bakery was Chateau’s Bakery so we didn’t have a choice.

Audrey’s Bakery Oakdale A+++++++++++++++++ Amazing bakery. If you are looking for an amazing grooms cake go here!!! Their prices were half what other bakeries quoted me and their work FAR exceeded any of my expectations. My mother used them for my shower. They made an enormous leopard purse cake with a high heel. It looked so real people kept asking my mom where she ordered it from. It tasted just as delicious-RED VELVET YUMMY!! Moist and amazing. For the grooms cake my husband is obsessed with Star Wars. I ordered a 3D darth vader cake and it came out perfect. Better than the picture I gave them. I couldn’t believe the size, and once again it tasted amazing. We got chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse in this one. So DELICIOUS!

Bridal Reflections Carle Place A+++ We had a wonderful experience with Bridal Reflections. I had found my dress at a different salon, but knew BR was having a trunk show for Eve of Milady in a few weeks. Of course we wanted a better price so figured it was worth a shot. We met with Jackie, who was great and we did get a small discount on the dress (better than nothing). They did order me what seemed like a ridiculous size (I wear a size 4 and my wedding dress was a 12). The manager said wedding dress sizes aren’t the same cut as regular clothing? The dress came in months before they said it would and I couldn’t wait to see it in person. Of course it was too big (I feel like it was done for alterations$$$$$) but Amelia our seamstress was great. I went back 4 times to have it altered before it was just right. She did amazing work, and was a pleasure to deal with.

Bridal Styles Brooklyn A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ladies if you LOVE BLING like I do this place is a MUST!!!!! Yes, I will say they are definitely on the pricey side, but they are worth every dollar. I searched high and low for a headpiece and jewelry and nothing was wowing me. I saw pretty pieces but nothing life altering lol. This place is like a BLING FACTORY. Anything you could dream of is here. As soon as I walked in, I knew I would be getting everything here. My headpiece was to die for, as well as my earrings, and veil. All their work is custom and they were professional and great to work with. Check them out in Brooklyn!

Macys A I got my Michael Kors’ shoes here. They were SOOO comfortable. I couldn’t believe it. My feet always tend to hurt in heels, so I had brought flip flops and was even debating sneakers lol, but I didn’t take off my shoes till the last hour of my reception. From 8am through 12pm…that’s some good shoes!! Not sure if they still sell them, but they were cute and comfy and blingy which is all I wanted.

Tobo Foods A++++++++++++++++++++++ Another one of my absolute favorite vendors. This food truck was the hit of our wedding. At the end of the night this coffee truck was parked outside our venue serving our guests tea, coffee, black and white cookies, and take home breakfast bags (that included juice, bagels, cream cheese and butter). Our guests were floored. This amazing touch really was such a hit and I would 100% recommend them to any bride looking for that something special for their guests. The owner contacted us immediately whenever we had questions or concerns, and the staff that was at the venue was very friendly as well. Ladies look into this!!!!

Cloud Nove Events A+ - Knowing the type of bride I am (and the type of mother of the bride my mother is) I knew a day of coordinator was a must for us. Regina and her assistant Patrick really helped the day go so smoothly and the weeks leading up to the wedding as well. They offered great advice on the drop of a dime, suggestions, and really tied all of our loose ends. 3 weeks pre wedding, I still did not have a photo location and Patryk took care of the entire task for me. I did not feel stressed at all the entire day because I felt like I was in great hands. Even the most minor details like folding napkins when our guests got up, really made such a special touch. They also helped us get a refund from our DJ company when we had that unfortunate experience (see DJ REVIEW). They were great to work with and I would recommend them to future brides for sure.

LI Bridal Boutique Wedding and Event Planners C Another one of those vendors that was a tough review for me to do. They have beautiful merchandise; from invitations to seating chart - there stock was beautiful. We used them for our invitations, seating chart, envelope holder and table numbers. They have terrible communication.

Let’s start with the invitations. Once again I did not want the run of the mill invitations. I knew I wanted something different. The process of ordering and designing the invitations with Amanda was fairly simple. I was very excited for them to come in. So the invitations themselves were stunning. They were exactly what I had wanted and were really really beautiful. The envelopes were a nightmare. They were supposedly having difficulty with their machine when printing our wedding envelopes with the names of our guests. We got several envelopes with smeared address or foggy print. We were not happy with many of the envelopes at all. I needed to get my invites out so I just figured I would send back the really bad ones. But the fact of the matter is there shouldn’t have been any bad, or so so invites. We paid for them to be done perfect, not to have some look good and others terrible. Moving on to the table numbers….

These table numbers were supposedly new and LI Bridal Boutique had not rented them out often so they claimed they were still getting the knack of them. We told them we had wanted a certain backing to them in order for our florist to be able to hang them from our centerpieces. Well this turned into a back and forth and needless to say we did not get what we were promised. 2 days before I go to pick up the table numbers, Amanda explains that they have to be brought back in mint condition and the whole song and dance about if they are damaged they are our responsibility. Ok I get it…so I ask her to take them out one by one so I can see them and thank God we did. Several of them were scuffed and damaged. One even had a pen mark on it. 2 days before my wedding, you can imagine how much I flipped out. Granted these marks were minor, but at this point I was so tired of being disappointed with this company. They wound up giving us a small discount because they knew they weren’t up to standard.

Our seating chart and envelope holder were beautiful, and as expected. My mother had to return all of these items the Monday after the wedding because hubby and I were on our honeymoon. I was told that they were less than friendly and examined every item to a tee. Did they forget they gave us damaged table numbers and smeared envelopes? I would NOT recommend this vendor to LI brides.

Etsy shops- What did brides do before Etsy lol???
Craftupyourlife- A+++ Ribbon wands with bells- Serena from Craftupyourlife was a pleasure to work with. My wands were the best I have ever seen at a wedding (and I have been to several with them). They didn’t look cheap. They were stunning and some of our guests had never seen these before so they were such a nice touch. We even had to order more as the wedding got closer and Serena was a sweetheart with re-ordering. They came fast and were adorable. Would recommend!!!!

Customized Wedding-Aisle Runner A++ Cherin Szul from Customized Wedding on Etsy made our beautiful aisle runner. After seeing so many terrible reviews and expensive prices I almost wasn’t going to have one. People also kept putting in my head that they were slippery and I was going to take a dive when walking down with my father. The runner WAS NOT SLIPPERY AT ALL! It was exactly what we wanted. It really made the church so much more elegant. The material was high quality, and not cheap looking at all. I felt her price was very fair. I would definitely recommend this Etsy vendor as well!

Milan Creations- Cake topper A+ Milan creations from Etsy made our beautiful blingy cake topper. It said Mr. & Mrs in bling. I loved it! I did not want the typical initials (plus our initials spell EGG lol) I felt she was fairly priced and would definitely recommend to other brides.

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rcotter90 Posted: Sep 05, 2014 05:07 PM+
rcotter90 MEMBER SINCE: 10/13 TOTAL POSTS : 2464 WEDDING DATE: Aug 26, 2016
Posted: Sep 05, 2014 05:07 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Great review!! Thanks for posting, we are using lighthouse as well and are so excited :) and I will definitely keep this in mind about LI sound. They're supposed to be one of the best, so this was disappointing, but useful. Congrats on your wedding!! :)
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dncewtme Posted: Sep 05, 2014 08:28 PM+
dncewtme MEMBER SINCE: 4/13 TOTAL POSTS : 27 WEDDING DATE: Jul 26, 2014
Posted: Sep 05, 2014 08:28 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Thank you
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kellynicole91 Posted: Sep 08, 2014 08:30 AM+
kellynicole91 MEMBER SINCE: 4/14 TOTAL POSTS : 613 WEDDING DATE: May 20, 2016
Posted: Sep 08, 2014 08:30 AM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Can I ask what designer you used for bridesmaid dresses and what you were quoted for them? I am thinking of using them for my bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses because they are so close to my home and I've used them for my prom dresses before and they were great!

Congratulations on your wedding and thank you for the reviews! So helpful!
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dncewtme Posted: Sep 08, 2014 08:36 AM+
dncewtme MEMBER SINCE: 4/13 TOTAL POSTS : 27 WEDDING DATE: Jul 26, 2014
Posted: Sep 08, 2014 08:36 AM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

We used Bill Levkoff and the dresses came to just under two hundred. They were floor length chiffon. Definitely haggle for bridal and bridesmaid dresses. They worked with my girls budget. Good luck!
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jaycee Posted: Sep 08, 2014 01:01 PM+
jaycee MEMBER SINCE: 12/13 TOTAL POSTS : 97 WEDDING DATE: Aug 16, 2014
Posted: Sep 08, 2014 01:01 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Congrats on your wedding and thanks for posting your review! I'm working on mine, and I know what you mean, there are a few vendors that it's hard to write about. But it looks like you had an AMAZING day over all and that's wonderful! We did, too- by the time you get to the wedding day you're right, you just have to accept what happens and remember that your friends and family are there with you, supporting you as you marry the person of your dreams! :)
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FBC81 Posted: Sep 08, 2014 01:46 PM+
Posted: Sep 08, 2014 01:46 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Oh this is giving me major anxiety now because we booked with LI Sound and have a similar package as you AND we are using Fox Hollow the sister place to Chateau Briand. Thanks for sharing this info! MUCH appreciated!

It looks like all other aspects of your wedding were beautiful for the most part! CONGRATULATIONS!!
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kedjmay2015 Posted: Sep 13, 2014 07:34 AM+
kedjmay2015 MEMBER SINCE: 5/14 TOTAL POSTS : 525 WEDDING DATE: May 24, 2015
Posted: Sep 13, 2014 07:34 AM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Congratulations! And thanks for this review!
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katiephoto Posted: Sep 15, 2014 02:49 PM+
katiephoto MEMBER SINCE: 8/13 TOTAL POSTS : 335 WEDDING DATE: May 24, 2015
Posted: Sep 15, 2014 02:49 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Thanks for the reviews! We are using Cloud Nove and I'm happy to see good feedback :)
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Kimberley2015 Posted: Sep 17, 2014 01:51 PM+
Kimberley2015 MEMBER SINCE: 2/13 TOTAL POSTS : 1862 WEDDING DATE: Jan 03, 2015
Posted: Sep 17, 2014 01:51 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

Congratulations!!!!! So happy to hear your review on Lighthouse as that is our photographer. However so sorry to hear about LI Sound. Luckily they had the crowd going and you were able to get somewhat of a refund. Congratulations again and wishing you all the love and happiness on your journey together.
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KayRA23 Posted: Sep 20, 2014 09:42 PM+
Posted: Sep 20, 2014 09:42 PM bride-minus.png

Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

thanks for your review! We are looking into the chateau for next year and I've heard great things about lighthouse. If any brides would be willing to send me their quotes on lighthouse that would be great!
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tianamarie Posted: Oct 28, 2014 11:43 PM+
tianamarie MEMBER SINCE: 8/11 TOTAL POSTS : 712 WEDDING DATE: Sep 14, 2013
Posted: Oct 28, 2014 11:43 PM bride-minus.png

Re: Our Dream Wedding....Chateau Briand, Lighthouse Photography, Morelli Media, In Full Bloom Florist, Bridal Styles, Bridal Reflections, Tobo Foods and Much more!!!!!

I took a look at this review because I noticed that this wedding took place at chateau which is where I got married as well! I was curious to see if there had been any more similarities and I was so surprised to see that there were! It was extreamly upsetting to see some of these critical reviews for vendors that really made my wedding everything I could have dreamed of and Im sorry they didn't meet your expectations. One review that really got me was your review for VEM... How could you include a review like that when a trial never even took place? Business owners are people too and it sounds like there was definitely a miscommunication when it came to scheduling. So here is my review.... I booked VEM 2 years before my wedding. I had 3 trials because I couldn't decide on a look and they were more than accommodating. They were professinal but also really awesome and down to earth and made me feel so secure about my needs and wants when it came to the wedding day. Victoria had given me exactly what I invisoned and I was completly blown away by how beautiful I looked on my wedding day! ANYONE ELSE READING THIS...Please take this critical review for VEM as a grain of salt because everyone has their bad days. Attacking a bussiness owner for a simple mistake is so not cool. I promise you once you go VEM you never go back but please, at least attend a trial before you try and steer other brides away from one of the most successful and artistic make up artists currently in the business.
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