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The History of the Historical Chapel Originally built in 1852 as a Methodist church, the chapel has always been a gathering place for people. The chapel was eventually taken over by the church of Latterday Saints and functioned as a primary place of worship for many years. Abandoned in 1993, the chapel sat vacant and unused. In 1997, current owner, Matthew Delaney, saw it as an ideal romantic setting for wedding ceremonies and purchased the property. He then went on to spend a year and a half restoring the chapel. Restoring it to it’s original beauty. He tracked down the original pews which had been removed years before and had them refinished and reinstalled. The tin ceiling and original woodwork were repaired and restored. The original, handmade stained glass windows of the chapel are truly one of its most beautiful aspects. When the sun shines through the windows, light and color dance throughout the chapel surrounding it with beauty and serenity. It is a remarkable sight. The original pipe organ which is piped throughout the building is completely functional and adds a beautiful dramatic flair for your guests. If you happen to be looking for an alternative for your wedding ceremony, the historic chapel has all of the romantic old world charm that everyone could hope to find. And don`t forget that after your ceremony ends, the bell in the tower will be rung for all to hear.