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Bridal party was 2 hours late
Britt0316 Posted: Dec 31, 2018 07:59 PM+
Britt0316 MEMBER SINCE: 8/18 TOTAL POSTS : 4 WEDDING DATE: Dec 09, 2018
Posted: Dec 31, 2018 07:59 PM bride-minus.png

Bridal party was 2 hours late

I just got married and 2 of my girls were 2 hours late getting to my house for the photographer. I had 7 girls and I told them photographer was going to be at my house at 1 be at my house by 12:30. I live in Suffolk and 6 of the girls live in Nassau 3 on the same street. Now it's almost a month later and those 2 still aren't talking to me. I don't believe in being angry bc it solves nothing. But the reason they aren't talking is bc my mom went off on them. Everyone in my family and my husbands have all sided with my mom. But it seems that only how my 2 friends have felt matters more than how hurt I've been. Neither one have called or texted to say sorry. Idk what to do. Been friends for 13-14 years. They've been ignoring my messages in group texts but responding to my other friends. I'm just so hurt by the whole thing.
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