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'There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.' -Ansel Adams While no one can have more fun than you on you wedding day, everyone at Ken Hild Photography has a way of connecting with you and your guests. More than likely we will end your special day with your bridal party loving us, guests raving about us, and your family thankful to have all of those special moments saved forever. But most importantly, you the couple will be glad you chose Ken Hild Photography to photograph your special day. Wedding Photographs are truly irreplaceable. This is what Ken Hild believes. It is so very important to have a professional photographer at your wedding who understands the timing of your day, anticipates the reactions and the little things, all while being unobtrusive. Ken Hild Photography is an artistic and photojournalistic studio that achieves breath-taking images without the Photoshop tricks. More often than not clients come to the studio looking for a different and unique approach to their wedding photographs. Many clients ask are your images posed. Ken Hild Photography will capture those natural moments, but at the same time create beautiful portraits. Posed images aren`t bad, there are just poor poses. With a hint of guidance and direction, you the client will feel at ease and your true, natural self will shine through. With more than 15 years of experience, you can expect your love story to develop into picture perfect memories.