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Hi, All!
Janet Tea Posted: Jul 23, 2020 08:03 PM+
Janet Tea MEMBER SINCE: 7/20 TOTAL POSTS : 2 WEDDING DATE: May 19, 2021
Posted: Jul 23, 2020 08:03 PM bride-minus.png

Hi, All!

My British fiance lives in England, and we want to get married and live there. To do so, I'll need to get a visa, which is a complicated, expensive process, in addition to the expense of moving across the pond.
    The most expedient way to handle my visa issue is that he come here (Spring 2021), we'll have a civil ceremony, we and our two witnesses will have a lovely lunch or dinner and wedding cake after, and when we're eventually back together in the UK, we'll splurge on a wedding party with family and friends.
   Since I'm giving up a wedding in a British castle (seriously!), I'd really like a small, elegant venue for our civil ceremony vs an unattractive institutional town or city hall. We'd also like a photographer for about 2 hours. As the saying goes, I've got champagne taste on a beer budget.
   Here are some thoughts: 1) See if we can wed in the gazebo in the park across from Manhasset Town Hall, 2) Hire an officiant to marry us on the grounds of somewhere like Sands Point Preserve, or 3)Hire a bridal suite in a nice hotel and get wed in the living room portion. (I don't knpw if we'd need permission from the hotel to do this.)
   I am open to and am asking for suggestions
   re:  ceremony venue and an officiant, and
   perhaps a photographer.
   Many thanks, and congrats and good luck
   to you all!
   Janet xx
   P.S. Prefer Nassau or not too far into Suffolk,
   i.e., Huntington.

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