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Vendor: Marry You Photo and Cinema - BEWARE
JamiesBridesGayd Posted: Oct 29, 2021 11:36 AM+
JamiesBridesGayd MEMBER SINCE: 2/10 TOTAL POSTS : 116 WEDDING DATE: Sep 24, 2011
Posted: Oct 29, 2021 11:36 AM bride-minus.png

Vendor: Marry You Photo and Cinema - BEWARE

Hello everyone! I was active on this forum with my sister, years ago when she was getting married. I am now posting on behalf of my best friend, who is close enough to be my sister. I still want to make sure that you Long Island brides aren’t taken for a ride when choosing vendors for your special day.

My best friend chose “Marry You Photo and Cinema” for her photos and video, and had the most horrific experience. They conveniently do not have any reviews to speak of, which I believe means that the owner pays to have them taken down, as they are most likely less than flattering.

I myself, felt something was off on the day of the wedding, as I showed up to take photos with the groom and fellow groomsmen at a 1pm call time, and the photographers were already there and halfway finished with this series of photos. They showed up a half hour early UNANNOUNCED.

Please read below for my friend’s experience in her own words. I hope this helps any of you brides to be to stay away from this wretched company.

“Stay away from "Marry You Photo & Cinema". If I could give them no stars, I would. I am devastated. My experience seemed promising in the beginning, as Carol is quite the charmer. The ending was less than pleasing, completely unprofessional on the day of my wedding, tons of standard pictures not taken, an anxious vibe from beginning to end.  Left at the wrong time when they knew I paid for a car to pick us up for photos which I now never received, and my videos seemed as if done by an amateur.  The camera even fell during the video, and they left the speeches out! Just to name a few, as there are so many more mistakes.  I should have known since they aren’t reviewed on yelp (probably due to wanting to cherry pick their reviews), combined with the facts that their fine print does not even promise a good video! Had I known then, I NEVER would have done this to myself or my husband.  Who has money to waste?  I saved everything in case this becomes an issue of proving the truth.  She even originally promised me the parent albums when the photographer was less than satisfactory, and then took it back!  Unbelievable. Anyway, I hope this helps another bride.  The price being cheaper is DEFINITELY what you pay for. Beware.”
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