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    • Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks
    • Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks
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    •    5 out of 5 by Kelby

      AMAZING! We worked with Emily and she took care of EVERYTHING! I was a little nervous about this because I didn't know what to expect but I HIGHLY recommend it! She asked the hotels so many questions that I would have never thought of and presented us with a beautiful spreadsheet to choose from! Very very helpful.

    •    5 out of 5 by Casey

      I worked with Allyson Wegeler during my booking process. She was so helpful in laying out all of my options for hotels near my venue in NYC. She also helped get amazing prices at three different hotels for my guests. She also was always available to answer my (highly annoying and frequent) questions!!

    •    5 out of 5 by Allison

      So far this has been the easiest part of wedding planning! Fantastic service, my consultant Marcie was really responsive, quick, and helped break down information to make booking a block a breeze. Highly recommend!

    •    5 out of 5 by Chelsea

      This service was amazing! Emily at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was extremely helpful, organized, and kind in helping us book at hotel block - something I was dreading doing and something I so appreciated her taking off my plate. She answered all our questions and when the hotel sent an incorrect contract, she was on top of it to get it fixed before sending to us. We are so grateful to Emily & Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!

    •    5 out of 5 by Trinity

      Before I found out about Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, I was getting a headache just thinking about blocking rooms after hearing about how big of a pain it would be. I went immediately to their site when I heard about how awesome they did. Allyson was amazing to work with! We were able to get a hotel block with the amount of rooms we needed under our price point with the amenities we wanted for our guest. I will always recommend Kleinfeld Room Blocks and Allyson especially! They made hotel booking the easiest part of planning a wedding.