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    • Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks
    • Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks
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    •    5 out of 5 by Julie

      I worked with Allyson Wegeler on securing a hotel block for my upcoming June 2021 wedding and she was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She compiled a spreadsheet of all the hotels around my venue with details that I needed to consider for each. We ultimately chose one hotel and she quickly got us a contract to lock in our block. I definitely recommend this service!

    •    5 out of 5 by Alyssa

      Cannot stress enough how outstanding Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks has been throughout our wedding planning process. Allyson is a rockstar who listens to all of your concerns, provides exceptional support and drives the entire process from beginning to end. It truly was a pleasure working with Allyson and I would recommend their services to anyone trying to navigate booking a wedding block - you will not be sorry!

    •    5 out of 5 by Samantha

      Marcie was great! She was able to find us a room block for our destination wedding quickly and with no money down. I had tried other sites who wanted anywhere up to $35k deposit to book. Brides, go to Kleinfelds!!!

    •    5 out of 5 by A

      The best tool for booking hotel blocks a bride can ask for! As someone who's planning their own wedding, I appreciate all the help I can get when it comes to coordinating logistics. Before reaching out to Kleinfeld, I've tried another hotel block service that was a sore disappointment and my expectations were pretty low. But Kleinfeld totally changed that! My agent Emily B was quick, efficient and extremely organized in compiling a spreadsheet of hotel bids fitting my criteria and budget. With her help, finding a hotel was extremely easy and she did an amazing job in negotiating on my behalf. Throughout the process, everything was extremely explicit and I did not feel at any point that I was going to be blindsided w anything additional, as wedding services can sometimes be. I really can't say enough good things about this service and Emily B. Save yourself a lot of time and headache and go with Kleinfeld!

    •    5 out of 5 by Christie

      Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is one of - if not THE - best services I've used during my wedding planning process and it's FREE! I'm planning a wedding in New York City where half of our guests are flying in from the U.K. Since they're already paying a lot to fly to our wedding, I didn't want them to get stuck with expensive hotel prices on top of that. I first tried to just email hotels on my own to get rates and let's just say my first almost-panic attack of the planning process was when I began to get those responses which were all much higher than I was expecting. Mid-panic, I googled looking for help and this service popped up. I reached out and it was a complete game-changer. Sara Hess was absolutely incredible to work with. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and quickly got back to us with so many amazing options, with rates that were completely slashed in half! The Excel spreadsheet she sent us to review all of the options was so thorough, answering every question you can imagine having. I'm so pleased with what we wound up with and am so grateful she saved the day. I've been telling all of my engaged friends about this service and can't rave about it enough.