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Photos of the Heart - bride and groom photo

Photos of the Heart - wedding photos

Photos of the Heart - wedding photo

Photos of the Heart - wedding photo
Photos of the Heart
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Complete Wedding packages include expert Videography to insure all the day's special memories are never forgotten. Photos of the Heart captures the love, excitement, and anticipation of every bride
... MORE and groom.

These guys were great!!! Not only did they have plenty of options for photo packages, but they were a lot of fun and a joy to deal with. We loved our photos, making it very hard to pick out our albums, but it was well worth it. We will now have a lifetime to share our beautiful pictures with friends and family (including our children down the line!!)
Michele and Patrick

As soon as we met with Ives and Deb, we knew this was the perfect match. And when we saw our proofs, we knew it was the right choice. So if you want a personal touch to your wedding day, Photos of the Heart will make your dreams become reality.
Katie and Ian

Photos of the Heart is the best on Long Island, period! We highly recommend them. They have produced wonderful pictures, and were a joy to work with. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how relieving it had been when everything had gone at a hundred miles an hour, to know that we could depend on such an experienced and talented team like Ives and Deb.
Paula and Andrew LESS


5 OUT OF 5
Jenna and Frank
Before the wedding...
My Fiance and I had the mindset th
... MOREat we were going to do everything in 3's. Meet 3 photographers, 3 DJs, etc. We had our first photography meeting with Ives, from Photos of the Heart. Upon sitting down, we were immediately drawn into the fact that Ives and Debbie have a true passion for what they do- they turned their home into a showcase and office for their work. Personally, my fiance and I love the small, family run business style. Throughout our entire first meetings, Ives educated us on photography, what to look for, what not to look for, how that great picture is taken ect. We went through his photo albums, pictures on the computer, and a video DVD of his work! His experience seemed endless and his knowledge in photography was inevitable. We left the meeting feeling confident about Photos of the Heart and slightly more educated in what to look for thanks to Ives. But we had in our minds we had to see two other photographers before a decision was made. Upon going to other photographers, my fiance and I were slightly shocked. We sat down at photographer meetings, looked at their work and actually knew MORE than the photographer who took the picture in regards to what was wrong with their pictures! We were disgusted in what we saw other photographers call “great wedding pictures” -where Frank and I saw flaws and inconsistencies-all based on our education from Ives, other photographers demonstrated as their “best work”. When we went back to Photos of the Heart, and had another meeting with Ives, we were thrilled to ask him to photograph our wedding. We feel confident that he will capture those memories at our wedding that we want to remember forever. We feel so confident because Ives took the time to not just “show” us his best work, but he choose to educate and demonstrate how he knew to capture those unforgettable memories and turn them into pictures. Like Ives says…”he is not in the photography business, he is the memory making business. LESS
5 OUT OF 5
Jenna and Frank
After the wedding... Our wedding experience was by far the best exper... MOREience of our lives. What topped off our experience was the photography of the wedding which was truly everything we asked for and wanted. Seeing the pictures after the wedding from Ives was as if we were living the wedding day all over again. Ives was a compassionate photographer who helped us to have forever memories with the pictures he took. When it was time to design the album, Ives was extremely collaborative and allowed us to have the freedom to choose a layout, style and overall tone of the wedding album. Ives was diligent in ensuring the wedding album was everything we wanted. Ives guided us with his photography background while allowing the wedding album to be true to our style and tell the story of our wedding day. We cannot thank Ives enough for putting the time and effort into a wedding album that we absolutely love. LESS
5 OUT OF 5
Alexandra and Alberto
The minute I met Ives, Alberto and I knew that he was going to be our ... MOREphotographer. He took his time to explain all the details and demonstrated the skills needed to process priceless memories of our marriage. Not only did we have the pleasure of working with someone well experienced in his field, but we had two more professionals part of our experience. Debbie was a wonderful assistant that made sure I had the right angle and/or my accessories/dress where in the right place at that time of the shoot. She was the one that made sure no details were forgotten! Jim was an absolute delight to work with as well. This was a real treat because his background is as a videographer/photo journalist and he works in a studio. Rather than having a single photographer, Alberto and I were blessed with a team of three. This allowed for more creativity in photos, involving three different perspectives. Another highlight of Photos of the Heart is the careful planning and scheduling that was done ahead of time. As a result, we were able to get ALL the photos we wanted! Thank you again for providing us with memories that will always be in our hearts! LESS


Free 11 x 14 engagement photo with any photography package. Also, 1... MORE0% off any photography package and 10% off any video package when purchased together. LESS