Contest Winners

  • Winner of the Flat Screen TV at the Fall 2017 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations Kenny on winning a 55 inch 4K Smart TV at the Fall 2017 Bridal Extravaganza. Enjoy!
  • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Fall 2017 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Renee on winning the Grand Prize at the Fall 2017 Bridal Extravaganza. She won $1000!
  • Winner of the Social Media Contest at the Fall 2017 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Jen on winning the Social Media Contest at the Fall 2017 Bridal Extravaganza. She won $500!
  • Winner of the Flat Screen TV at the Spring 2017 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations Alex on winning a 55 inch 4K Smart TV at the Spring 2017 Bridal Extravaganza. Enjoy!
  • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Fall 2016 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Eleanor on winning the Grand Prize at the Fall 2016 Bridal Extravaganza. She won $1000!
  • Winner of the Flat Screen TV at the Fall 2016 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations on winning a 55 inch 4K Smart TV at the Fall 2016 Bridal Extravaganza. Enjoy!
  • Winner of the $100 American Express Gift Card at the Spring 2016 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Jane on winning a $100 American Express gift card at the Spring 2016 Bridal Extravaganza! Have fun shopping!
  • Winner of the Flat Screen TV at the Spring 2016 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations on winning a 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV at the Spring 2016 Bridal Extravaganza. Enjoy!
  • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Spring 2016 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Sara on winning the Grand Prize at the Spring 2016 Bridal Extravaganza. She won $1000! That will come in handy while finishing the rest of her wedding planning.
  • Winner of the Flat Screen TV at the Fall 2015 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Joseph on winning a 55 inch 1080P Samsung Smart TV at the Fall 2015 Bridal Extravaganza. Be sure to invite us over for a football game! Enjoy!
  • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Fall 2015 Bridal Extravaganza
    Congratulations to Ashley on winning the Grand Prize at the Fall 2015 Bridal Extravaganza. She won an All-Inclusive 3 night stay from Travel Tom at Palace Resorts in Mexico. Enjoy your trip!
  • Winner of the DJ Package from FM Entertainment
    ShultzSheehan won an awesome DJ package for her wedding from FM Entertainment!
  • Winner of 4 tickets to see 'Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man!
    Winner of 4 tickets to see 'Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man!
  • Spring 2015 Bridal Extravaganza Grand Prize Winner
    Maria and Michael were the winners of the Spring 2015 Bridal Extravaganza Grand Prize Trip to Couples Resorts in Jamaica. Trip provided by Travel Tom.
  • Spring 2015 Bridal Extravaganza TV Winner
    Christopher Lambert was the winner of the 55 inch Samsung Smart TV at the Spring 2015 Bridal Extravaganza.
  • Winner of Best Of 2015 iPad mini Contest
    Winner of Best Of 2015 iPad mini Contest
  • Winner of Free Makeup Trial from Bella Bride by Pamela Sue
    Winner of Free Makeup Trial from Bella Bride by Pamela Sue.
  • $500 Bridal Extravaganza Social Media Contest Winner
    Ines Pradiante was the winner of our $500 Bridal Extravaganza Social Media contest. Ines is engaged to Anthony Lamia. They met through mutual friends in September 2010. They bought their first home together March of 2013 and were engaged August 08, 2014.
  • Bridal Extravaganza Big Screen TV Winner
    Matthew Trenn was the winner of the 50 inch Smart TV at the Fall 2014 Bridal Extravaganza.
  • Bridal Extravaganza Grand Prize Winner
    Debra Soto was the winner of the Fall 2014 Bridal Extravaganza Grand Prize Trip to Hard Rock Resorts.
  • Winner of the 'Free Day of Wedding Makeup for Bride and Bridal Party' Contest from Makeup Artistry by Sandra Baldini
    Hilary (Haw4) and her fiancé, Jeremy, met through mutual friends at their Labor Day weekend party in 2010. Jeremy and Hilary talked for the night, but she wasn't really that interested. He asked her out a few weeks later and she figured why not. Their first date was at a Japanese restaurant where they spoke so much the waitress stopped trying to take their order. By the end of the night Hilary was really interested in him, but he wasn't. They kept in touch, but didn't start seriously dating until about a year later when he surprised her with a day trip to the wineries. They've been together ever since. Jeremy and Hilary go back to that winery the same weekend every year to celebrate, and this past September when they were back there, he asked her to marry him!
  • Winner of a Free Tablum Album from Tablums, a $1600 value!
    Katie (katielynn) and her fiancé, Tom, met online in 2011 and have been together ever since. What drew Katie to his online profile was his height. He's 6'6' and she’s 4'10. They got engaged under a meteor shower on 12/13/12 and are so excited for their wedding on 12/13/14! Katie was super excited when she saw this contest because she feels like the Tablum is a perfect prize for them to win. Tom is all hi-tech, computers and gadgets... and she much more traditional. They cannot wait to see the finished product!
  • Winner of the deluxe hair and makeup gift basket from Bridal Rush and Christy Ann Cosmetics!
    Lori (Lori0413) and Kevin have been together since 2004, when mutual friends set them up and Lori was only a high school senior. In April 2012, Kevin took Lori on what she thought was just a nice weekend away in Newport, Rhode Island and proposed to her at the bottom of Forty Steps, a staircase that leads down a cliff to a balcony over the sea. She was so happy and surprised that she forgot to answer him right away! Lori and Kevin can't wait to begin the rest of their lives together on July 3rd.
  • Winner of the Photobooth for your wedding from Iris Photobooths!
    Kristin (Soon2BeMrsMango) and her fiancé, Michael, met back in 2008 at a bar though mutual friends. Their first date was at a New York Islanders game, and they have been inseparable ever since. Michael proposed on 10/12/12 at Kristin’s office, in front of her coworkers, and then they celebrated that night at a dinner he set up at their favorite restaurant, Trattoria Lucia, with both of their families. Their wedding is planned for June 20, 2014 at St. Rose of Lima and the reception is at Westbury Manor. They live in Massapequa. Michael is a lineman for ConEdison and Kristin is a receptionist for an urologist.
  • Winner of the Personalized Wedding Ceremony from NY Marriages!
    Jessica (Jott1015) and Tajua ('Taj') met back in 1999, when he moved next door to her. They became close friends, and shortly after, started dating. They were together through high school until Jessica started college (she is a year older) and they decided to take some time apart and experience life (they were only 14/15 when they started dating). Over 3 years went by – Jessica went to College and got her degree and Taj joined the Army and deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. When he returned in early 2009, they got lunch just to 'catch up' on things. I guess you could say the spark had never died, because they picked up right where they left off and have been together since. Taj proposed in June 2012, and after almost a decade together, the couple will wed Jan 2, 2015 at the Watermill (FINALLY!!).
  • Winner of the Wedding Entertainment Package from Dream DJ Entertainment!
    Rich and Liz (Prettylillizzy) met on July 3, 2010. They were set up by mutual friends during a night out in Fire Island, and the rest is history. Rich told Liz that his father received passes to the Empire State Building from a client and since he had never been to the ESB, she readily agreed to a date night in the city. Little did Liz know that on October 7, 2012 the person who makes her feel like she’s on top of the world would propose to her at the top of the world – the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building! They are planning to marry November 2013 and are really excited to start their lives together.
  • Winner of a Free Day of Coordinator for your wedding from Above & Beyond Events LI!
    Steve and Erika (FutureMrsSweeney) met in 2005 while working at a call center in Florida. A mutual friend and co-worker organized a group outing, in which Steve and Erika were able to get to know one another outside of work. They began dating soon after. On their 6 year anniversary, Steve proposed while taking a romantic walk on the beach at sunset. They are both so excited to start the next chapter in their lives as husband and wife on March 16, 2013.
  • Winner of 100 cookie favors from The Sugar Chic
    Nicole and Steve have been dating since 2007, after they met at her sister’s wedding. 4 years later, right in the spot where they first met, the country club where her sister was married, Steve dropped to one knee and asked the question that she’d been waiting to hear! With a little shock and a lot of tears, Nicole managed to get out a 'Yes!' They are excited to begin the start lives together on March 9, 2013, while celebrating with their family and friends.
  • Winner of 100 cookie favors from The Sugar Chic
    Frank and Jeannette met 5 years ago on a blind date. Jeannette was very reluctant as she had gone on a few blind dates in the past that did not turn out well. A mutual friend gave Frank her phone number, and after a few short conversations, Frank asked Jeannette out to dinner. They hit it off on the first date and have been together ever since. After 3 years of dating, Frank took Jeannette wine tasting and proposed over a bottle of wine at Macari Vineyards. It was the best moment of her life as Frank said the most wonderful things before getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. 2 months later they planned their wine themed engagement party and began plans for their wedding this November 3rd.
  • Bridal Extravaganza $1000 Giveaway
    Kristen, KC1031, was the winner of $1000 at the April 2012 Bridal Extravaganza! Kristen and Joe have been dating since she was a college freshman in 2005. Nearly six years later, over a home-cooked meal on Halloween, Joe brought out a beautiful, hand-painted bottle of champagne from Pugliese Vineyards and handed it to Kristen. In looking at the bottle, she turned it over to find the words 'Kristen, will you marry me?' inscribed on the back. With tear-filled eyes, she knew there was only one possible answer...yes! They are looking forward to their wedding on June 14, 2013.
  • Bridal Extravaganza 3DTV
    Richie, the fiancé of FutureMrsRuiz416, was the winner of our 48 inch LED 3D Samsung Smart TV at the April 2012 Bridal Extravaganza! Ashley (FutureMrsRuiz416) and Richie started dating in June 2009 after meeting through mutual friends at the Nautical Mile Festival in Freeport. They made the relationship official in September at the San Gennaro Festival in NYC. On April 16, 2011, Ashley had planned a trip to the wineries for both her and Richie's birthdays, but Richie had other plans for that day. In front of their closest family and friends, Richie got down on one knee and proposed. Through the shock and the tears, Ashley said yes and they spent the rest of the day celebrating with all their loved ones. Ashley and Richie are now planning the big wedding they have both always dreamed of, and are so excited to begin the rest of their lives together on May 31, 2013.
  • Tablet PC Contest
    Jessica, mattandjess2013, was the winner of a tablet PC! Matt and Jess started officially dating during their third date, a Yankees game, in August 2010. Fifteen months later, on Thanksgiving Eve, they went to Borgata in Atlantic City for, what Jess thought, was dinner and a comedy show. After dinner, which was complete with roses and a sweet card, Matt told Jess that he needed to put his jacket in the room before the show. When they got upstairs, the room was covered in rose petals and champagne was chilling. Jess turned around to find Matt on one knee, asking her to marry him. After many (happy) tears, Jess said yes and gave him a big hug. They began planning their dream wedding right away and cannot wait to be married on October 13, 2013.
  • 2011 Kissing Contest
    BlushandBashful was the winner of the 2011 Kissing Contest. She received a free boudoir shoot (and boudoir make-up session) from Jenerations Photography. Ashley and John were engaged on 5/15/2010 and are to be married 6/18/2011.
  • Winners of the 'Official ’09' contest January 2011
    Gina and Tommy have known each other since they were 12 years old and were childhood friends. They became best friends in high school and college, which eventually turned into a romance. Tommy and Gina were engaged on 6/7/2008 when Gina walked into her sister's back yard, expecting to go out to eat, and instead she found 40 of her closet friends and family and Tommy down on one knee. Her nieces and nephews were holding a 'Will you marry me?' sign. They were married 10-16-09. Gina adds, 'Thank you so much to LIW for everything; the contests, allowing us to be a part of TWOTY, and, most importantly, introducing us to some of our best friends to this day! We will always have the best memories of the boards'
  • TV Winner at TWOTY 2011: Yankeeelove
    Kristy and Andrew officially started dating in November 2004 after a mutual friend introduced them. Although, Kristy was in love with Andrew since high school, but was in 9th grade and he was a senior. 3 years was too much of an age gap at the time. The happy couple just celebrated 7 years of dating, and had their beautiful wedding at Bridgeview Yacht Club! They couldn’t be happier.
  • 2011 Peep Smushing Contest: VCanizalez
    Veronica and Luis have known each other since 2008. They meet online, not looking to date. They were actually watching a Soccer game on an online forum. They became friends & started talking all about Soccer. This ‘soccer friendship’ lead to exchanging email address, phone numbers until on Thanksgiving 2008 they called each other for the first time to say 'Happy Thanksgiving'. Since their friendship was growing, they decided to meet in the Empire State Building. On 12/28/2008 at 8:30AM they met at the top of the Empire State Building… After one kiss, they knew they were meant to be. Luis moved from NJ within 4 months to be closer to Veronica. He proposed on 01/25/2010 under the stars, next to the ocean (Veronica’s two favorite things!) They were married on 09/25/2011.
  • Flower Barn contest Winner: jmannix84
    Jessica and John met in February 2007. They both felt sparks immediately and have been together ever since. Throughout the next few years they grew more in love even through Jessica going to law school and John having to move to Boston for two years. On September 5, 2010 John proposed and after a little over a year of planning on November 5, 2011 they got married on a beautiful fall day in front of their closest family and friends. Jessica and John are enjoying married life and are looking forward to starting a family.
  • 2011 Winner of Free Day of Coordinator from Piece of Cake Events
    Heather and Jaret have been together ever since they met in Tacoma, WA, where Heather was stationed in the Air Force. Although her service has kept them apart for a year, the happy couple is looking forward to Heather’s return this summer from Greenland where she’s been stationed. They are an energetic couple, who enjoy outdoor adventuring. they love good food, fine wine, and Dave Matthews Band. They were engaged on April 10, 2010 and are looking forward to their wedding on May 12, 2012.
  • 2010 $1000 Winner
    Alicia and Jonathan are college sweethearts! They met in 2004 outside of their college library and have been inseparable ever since. On June 25, 2009, after 5 years of being together, Jonathan proposed to Alicia on the first day of their cruise vacation. They are both very excited to be engaged and to start this new chapter of their life together. Alicia and Jonathan are looking forward to their May 2011 wedding at the Old Field Club in East Setauket, Long Island and are planning on taking a 2-week honeymoon to Tahiti!
  • Winner of 2010 Kissing Contest
    Thank you so much for the overnight stay we won last year for the 'kissing contest'..yesterday was 1 year til our wedding and we celebrated it there at East Wind! It was beautiful and we enjoyed the complimentary breakfast as well. THANKS AGAIN!!!!
    – Gina & Frank
  • Grand Prize Winner – TWOTY 2010
    DWKSwed is the winner of the TWOTY 2010 Grand Prize: 6 Day/ 5 Night All-Inclusive Trip to Almond Beach Resorts in St. Lucia plus American Tourister Luggagefrom AAA Travel filled with $500 cash from us. Dana and Kevin were engaged on 7/25/2008 and are to be married 8/6/2010.
  • Winner of TWOTY 2010 Photobooth Contest
    Timothy and I met while I was studying Elementary Education at St. John's University. While I was completing my undergraduate coursework, I worked in a delicatessen. Timothy is employed by the FDNY. He and and colleagues would come into the store. Timothy and I would always have small talk. He would always try to ask me out on a date; however, I noticed he began to get very shy. Finally, I gave him my phone and asked him for his number to get together. Our first date was Valentine's Day of 2006. We have been dating ever since.
    Timothy proposed on May 29, 2009. He proposed to me in front of my first grade students. He was at my school in order to teach the children fire safety for Community Helpers week. I was in complete shock. There is a short video clip of the engagement on the LIW website under videos.
    Timothy and I are having a summer wedding. We will be getting married at St. Mary Gate of Heaven Church on July 15, 2011.The church is across the street from the deli I used to work it. The place has a lot of meaning for FH and myself. Our reception will take place at The Inn at New Hyde Park. Timothy and I are so excited for our wedding. We both love this website. It really has been a great help!!
  • Winner of the 2009 Peep Smushing Contest and a Flip Cam!
    Liz and Carlos met in 2002 when they became co-workers. They immediately hit it off and became friends. A few months later they began dating and before long, were inseparable. After a year and a half of dating they got engaged. Not too long after they moved in together but decided to wait until Liz finished graduate school to get married. They will finally be married on July 24, 2009 at East Wind. They can't wait to begin the next chapter in their lives as husband and wife!
  • Winner of the Boudoir Photography Session Giveaway!
    Heather and Mitch re-met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2007 after having met a year or so earlier through mutual friends. At the time Mitch was living in Tucson, Arizona and at the time was planning on moving to Europe for graduate school. But after several cross country plane flights and phenomenal phone bills, Mitch packed it up and moved back to New York for grad school instead and the rest was history. Mitch proposed in June 2008 on the longest day of the year during a long weekend in the North Fork of Long Island. He surprised Heather with a CD of songs for the drive out, a Bed and Breakfast stay, a massage, a diamond pendant belonging to his grandmother, a book of love poems, a fabulous dinner out, and finally before she had a heart attack, a fabulous proposal at sunset. Of course, she said yes, which was when she got her last present, a Bridal magazine so she could immediately begin planning. She is delighted to have found the love of her life and can’t wait for the fabulous journey to come.
  • Winner of the 2009 $1000 Cash Prize
    Jason and Caroline met in 2004 during their final year at the University of Delaware. They had mutual friends, but had never met each other before. It must have been fate, because they ended up living across the hall from each other that year in the same apartment building. They had noticed each other in the halls in the first days of the year, but didn't officially meet, or speak to each other until a party about a week into school. They have been inseparable since that day. After they graduated, Caroline and Jason moved into Manhattan where Jason is Director of Sales for a credit card processing company and Caroline is an Assistant Marketing Manager for a publishing company. Jason proposed on September 7, 2007 at their favorite little neighborhood Italian Restaurant. They will be married November 7, 2009 at the Chateau La Mer in Lindenhurst. They are most looking forward to finally being husband and wife and for their honeymoon in Mexico!
  • Sapphire/Diamond Necklace at The Wedding of the Year
    My name is Kimberly and I am engaged to David. I live in Lindenhurst and Dave lives in Stratford CT. Dave is 27 and I will be 27 in April. I work in the corporate office in a local real estate company and David just passed is in the process of taking his state exam for his low voltage electrical license. We both met through a dating website in the fall of 2007 and our first date was in NYC. We were going up to the Bronx to watch the first home playoff game for the Yankees at one of the bars around the stadium. I knew I was going to marry him after our first date. I actually wound up feeling very faint and told him I need to go outside the bar that night where on my way out I feel and hurt my ankle. He kindly walked me across the street, got me something to eat and helped me walk back to the Subway to go back down to Manhattan. He didn't leave my side all night and from there we grew our relationship to what it is today. We were talking about getting married for a few months before he finally proposed on Christmas day.
  • Black and White Diamond Necklace at The Wedding of the Year
    Vicki and Joseph met through mutual friends and eventually over time their friendship grew into a 5 year relationship. Joseph proposed on November 10th, 2007 over breakfast which he prepared for the two of them. Vicki says it was the happiest day of their lives. They both know that their love with last a lifetime. Vicki & Joseph will be married on February 14th, 2009 at St. Anthony's RCC in Oceanside followed by a reception at The Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY. They both are very excited to begin this new chapter in their lives & can not wait to see what lies ahead!
  • Winner of the 42 inch 1080P Flat Panel TV at The Wedding of the Year 2009
    Alyssa and John met through MySpace of all places. She emailed him a question about his band, he responded with a snooty answer (which he doesn't remember doing). Courtship soon followed and then after years of dating and living together, the twosome got engaged at Disneyland in the presence of thousands of on-lookers in front of Cinderella's castle. With the help of some friends, and unbeknown to Alyssa, John had planned out the whole event and nervously created what would be a romantic event which both of them would not soon forget.
    Alyssa is a Graphic Designer and John is in retail management. Currently living in North Babylon, they have 3 wonderful (evil) cats named Chipotle, Pepper, and Brooklyn. The date of June 10, 2010 is when they are set to be married at Flowerfield in Saint James, NY.
  • Winner of the 42 inch 1080P Flat Panel TV at the Bridal Extravaganza
    We met by chance through a mutual friend. We had been going out for almost ten years when we sort of decided that it was time and we were both confident in our relationship... Keith asked me at a beach in Huntington. I am art and art history teacher at a Suffolk county High School, Keith is an electrician for Local 3 in the City. We are getting married at West Sayville Country club on 7.7.07 and having an art nouveau themed wedding.
  • Signature Blue iPod
    Frank and Erin first met in January, 2003 on After dating for three and a half years, Frank asked Erin to marry him on the beach while watching the sunset in Montauk, NY on September 1, 2006. At least, the idea was to watch the sunset, but Hurricane Ernesto changed things a bit. Armed with blankets, wine and sweatshirts, Frank was not deterred by the dense fog, or the cold. Luckily, Erin did not protest the plan too much, or she would have missed out on one of the happiest moments of her life. The couple has set a wedding date of December 15, 2007. The ceremony will take place at St. Mary's in Manhasset, with the reception to take place at Flowerfield in St. James. They are both looking forward to their wedding day tremendously!
  • Winner of the 1080P Flat Panel TV at The Wedding of the Year 2007
    Dwayne and I actually met in the restaurant business, My friend was looking for a waitressing job, so I went in with her to get an application, they also happen to interview her on the spot, and then the manager started talking to me, and hired us both. Even though I already had a job I took the new job because I would be working with my friend now. The first night I started, Dwayne and I talked and we hung out later that week, and have been together ever since! Who would have thought back in 2000 working at Tin Alley Grill that I would meet the most wonderful man I am going to spend the rest of my life with. We have now been together for 7 years and we can truly say that our lives would never be the same without each other. We are getting married at the de Seversky Mansion on 7/7/07, we got engaged in 05 and didn't waste anytime we had mostly everything booked within 2 months for 7/707, and we waited for the 7/7/07 date because 777 has been my lucky number ever since I was younger.
  • Winner of the Flower Michele $10,000 Fabulous Flower Giveaway
    Eric and Ida had been good friends for many years. They started dating in the summer of 2001. After dating for almost five years, Eric proposed to Ida on Valentine's Day 2006 in their home. She was so surprised and happy. Ida said it was the best day of her life knowing she was going to spend the rest of her life with Eric. They set a date of September 7, 2007 to be married in Oakdale, New York.
  • Winner of the Brides Gone Mild Contest
    Jessica and Leonard met at college their freshman year in 1998. After one year of being friends they decided to start dating and were inseparable ever since. They even got through two years of a long-distance relationship when Lenny was upstate coaching a Division I college soccer team. After 5 years together, Lenny proposed to Jessica at Dodici in Rockville Centre. The setting of the restaurant was perfect with romantic candlelight and a table for 2 in the corner. After the main course, Lenny got on one knee in front of the entire restaurant and asked Jessica to marry him. She, of course, said yes and everyone in the restaurant congratulated them the rest of the night! They chose a wedding date of June 10, 2006 and after a year and half of planning the day finally arrived. It was the most amazing day of their lives! Everything was perfect and just the way they had always dreamed it would be. The ceremony was outside at Chateau La Mer with spectacular views overlooking the Great South Bay during sunset and the reception was in the main ballroom. Jessica is currently an order analyst at a large company in Garden City and hopes to pursue teaching in the near future. Leonard works as a graphic designer for a watch company in NYC. They are truly enjoying married life and canít wait to see what lies ahead! For winning this contest Jessica won a fabulous spa day from Maximus Spa and Salon.
  • Winner of the 2006 Peep Smushing Contest
    Jennie and Vinny met in February of 1996 on an online chat room!! It was the first night of winter break and there was a blizzard outside. Stuck online, they began chatting when they realized they lived near each other. They started to talk on the phone, and eventually started hanging out. In April, Jennie and Vinny began dating. After 7 1/2 years, Vinny proposed on a trip to Atlantic City. He bought an Angel Cheeks statue, which Jennie collects, and put the ring on it's lap. He asked, and she said yes!!! They got married November 18, 2005 at St. Kilians Church in Farmingdale, followed by a reception at Chateau La Mer in Lindenhurst. They are truly enjoying married life and recently celebrated their 10 year dating anniversary!! Jennie is a teacher, and Vinny is a Pre-Press Manager.
  • Winner of the 10 Year Anniversary Party Diamond Earrings
    John and Hollie met in 2001 while in graduate school. They were both student interns in the same mental health clinic. They became good friends pretty quickly. It took a long time for Hollie to realize that John had romantic feelings for her. Once she realized this, they began dating. It wasn't very long into their relationship when they both realized that they wanted to be together forever. John and Hollie are both psychiatric social workers. They work for New York State Office of Mental Health. Hollie works in a children's psychiatric hospital in Queens and John works in a children's psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn. John proposed on November 27, 2004. Hollie had spent the day shopping in Riverhead trying to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible. While she was out shopping, John was out buying the ring! He called her father that day and asked if he could marry her. Hollie's father said yes! When Hollie came home from shopping, John informed her that he had a surprise for her. Hollie thought nothing of this, since they always surprised each other. She sat down and opened a bag that had a bear in it. In the bear was the ring. John got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It was one of the incredible moments of Hollie's life. John and Hollie were married on January 15, 2006 at their church in Ridgewood, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The reception was at Fox Hollow in Woodbury. Hollie said the best part of the wedding was seeing each other for the first time in church. John had tears in his eyes and Hollie couldn't stop smiling once she saw John. Hollie and John couldn't wait to hear the priest announce that they were married. The first kiss as husband and wife was the most romantic and amazing kiss they've had. The best part of being married is knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend and soul mate.
  • Winner of the 10 Year Anniversary Party Trip to Barbados
    My name is Danielle and my fiancÈs name is Vinny and we live together in Fort Salonga. Vinny is originally from Commack and I am originally from Smithtown (where my family still lives). Vinny and I FIRST met at the business his family owns (Commack Hand Car Wash). I was there with a guy that I was dating who happened to know Vinny from when they were younger. Vinny and my then boyfriend started to chat and my then boyfriend introduced me to Vinny. We got his car washed and then we left. Fast forward to a year and half later: My boyfriend and I had broken up and I was sifting through profiles on when I came across a guy named Vinny (no idea he was the same guy). I really liked his profile and we started talking a lot on the phone when he mentioned the Car Wash! I realized (and he remembered too) that we had met before!! So I was introduced to my fiancÈ by my now ex-boyfriend and then (out of everyone in the world) I wrote to my FH on and that's when we finally began dating officially... small world!! Vinny proposed to me on June 23, 2005 after telling me months earlier (after only dating a very short time!!) that he wanted to marry me and had begun saving for a ring. So on June 23, 2005 he took me to the Church I grew up in (had my communion and confirmation there). This was the Church we knew we would marry at. He got down on one knee in the courtyard of my church on a beautiful and sunny summer day and told me he would take care of me for the rest of his life. Then he asked me to marry him and I (crying) said YES! Vinny and I are getting married Sunday September 9, 2007 at The Parish of the Holy Cross RCC with a full Catholic Mass and then our reception will be held at Flowerfield in St. James. We are so excited and are counting down the days!
  • Winner of the Bridal Extravaganza $1000 Prize
    Kathleen and Tim met in June 2003. Kathleen feels like they were destined to meet because their families have lots of friends in common. Kathleen works as a teaching assistant on Long Island and is currently looking for a full time teaching position. Tim is a Social Studies teacher. They were engaged on December 17, 2004 at EAB Plaza. Tim brought Kathleen to EAB Plaza to supposedly meet up with his parents since it was his mom's birthday. They were walking around looking for Tim's parents when Tim told her that it would be better if they stood by the tree in the front. As they were standing in front of the big tree, he gave her a huge hug and before she knew it he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand! Kathleen remembers that as such an exciting and magical night. They are getting married on July 16, 2006 at Corpus Christi Church and then the reception will be at the Swan Club. Kathleen cannot wait to see the look on Timís face when she is walking down the aisle. She also cannot wait to share her life with her soul mate and best friend.
  • Winner of the Bridal Extravaganza $1000 Prize
    Carmen and Michael met at work in 2001. He had started working in her department and instantly they became friends. They kept it that way for about a year until they couldnít deny their feelings towards each other and they made it official. The love they share continues to grow stronger day after day. Both Carmen and Michael work at Emerging Health Information Technology, a company dedicated to providing technical support to regional hospitals. Michael proposed Christmas morning 2004. He decided to hide her engagement ring in the middle of the Christmas tree. After all the gifts were unwrapped, he asked her if Santa had fulfilled all her wishes and proceeded to tell her Santa had left one more gift and there it was in a small black boxÖ her ring! Of course she said yes. They are getting married September 2, 2006 at the Swan Club. Carmen is really looking forward to the moment they are presented as husband and wife as well as the honeymoon. She cannot wait to see how beautiful Hawaii is in person.
  • Winner of the Bridal Extravaganza $1000 Prize
    Bonnie-Jean and Daniel met at Island Rock Indoor Rock climbing gym in Plainview where Daniel worked and she went to hang out (no pun intended!). She was exercising upstairs and he came up to say hello. They met up that weekend at Luxe and danced for hours. She went home with his number written in her lipstick on an old receipt. They have been together ever since. Dan is a physical education teacher in NYC. He is going to school for a second masters at Hofstra University. She is an electrician in NYC for Local Union #3 and is going to school to earn an associates in Labor Studies. They were engaged on May 30, 2005 after a romantic dinner at Waterzooie. They are getting married Saturday July 1, 2006 at Westbury Manor. Bonnie-Jean is looking forward to Dan seeing her in her dress as well as having all the details come together.
  • Winner of the ìTake a Picture With Ron and Liz and Winî Contest
    Jay and I were introduced by our best man. He is the captain of the 8-ball team we both play on. I had been playing for a couple of years when we needed a replacement player, and our best man asked Jay to join the team. He asked me to marry him on April Fool's Day 2005, which of course meant I had to ask if he was serious. The ring followed in July 2005. We are getting married October 8, 2006 at a private residence overlooking Northport harbor, with the reception to follow at East Wind.
  • Winners of the $1200 Diamond Necklace Contest for Mom at the Bridal Extravaganza
    Winners of the $1200 Diamond Necklace Contest for Mom at the Bridal Extravaganza
  • Winner of the The Wedding of the Year 42-Inch Plasma TV
    We met on Fire Island, where we both rented summer share houses. We were acquaintances for a few years before we started dating. On Christmas Eve Day December 24, 2004 we decided to visit the construction site of what was to become our Fire Island summer house for the summer of 2005. We were in the partially built living room and the waves were crashing in the background. Scott asked me to take a photo. At first I did not even notice the ring tied to the camera. Then he asked. Yes, he did get down on one knee! We then shared a bottle of champagne. That bottle is now in a Time Capsule that is buried in a wall of the now completed summer house. I'm an attorney and I'm self-employed (The Law Office of Kerie P. Stone). I handle disability claims and consumer bankruptcy. My husband is a business analyst/ computer programmer but I often joke that I have no idea what that means! We were married on November 12, 2005 at Temple Chaverim, which is in Plainview, NY.
  • Winner of the Bridal Extravaganza 42î HD Plasma TV
    Paola and Edwin met when he was 16 and she was 15 at a gathering at her cousin's house. Her cousin introduced them and it was love at first site. They were engaged on October 13, 2005 at the Capital Grill Restaurant in New York City. They had a delicious dinner and after dinner in the restaurant Edwin was telling Paola how much he loved her and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The next thing she knew he was on his knee asking her to be his wife. She said yes of course! Then they went for a romantic horse and carriage ride in Central Park. Paola said it was the most wonderful night of her life. They are planning a spring 2008 wedding.
  • Winner of the Bridal Extravaganza Tahiti Honeymoon
    Gina and David met at a local bowling alley 9 years ago. She was a waitress and he was bowling in a league. They started chatting and have been together ever since. Gina is a Police Officer and David is a Parts Advisor at a local Car Dealership. David proposed to her four days after their 7 year anniversary on March 20, 2004, which was also his birthday. They were planning to go to dinner for his birthday, but before leaving David wanted to watch a movie, as Gina picked up the remote to turn the television on, she noticed something was jingling inside the remote. When she opened the remote to see what was inside she found a beautiful diamond ring. David got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him! Of course she said YES! They are planning to get married on November 9, 2006 at St. Francis of Assisi Church and are having their reception at The Riviera in Massapequa. They both look forward to buying a house and starting their new life together as husband and wife.
  • Winner of the Bridal Extravaganza $1000 Prize
    Janna and Andrew met through Yahoo Personals. He answered her ad because they came up as a 100% match. They started chatting and fell in love. They got engaged on May 28, 2005, and he proposed in their bedroom by getting down on one knee and asking her to be his wife. They had picked the ring together, so it wasn't a surprise for Janna, but that doesn't mean it was any less sweet and romantic! They are getting married on April 30, 2006 at Jericho Terrace. At the wedding, Janna is looking forward to seeing Andrew's face when she walks down the aisle, and then dancing with her father. As for getting married, she is looking forward to knowing that she has this wonderful, supportive man whom she canít wait to grow old with and share life's experiences.
  • Winner of the 2005 $1000 Prize
    Nicole and Rich met in High School in 2000. After much persistence Rich was able to get her attention and their first date was his prom. Nicole is a full time student and works part-time in a medical office. Rich is a teacher in Nassau County and attends graduate school as well. As you can tell they are a busy pair! Rich proposed late at night at her parentsí home. It was very low key and romantic. He said sweet things to his soon to be fiancÈ and then he took the ring out. Nicole was beaming and said yes of course! The pair will be wed on November 23, 2007 at St. Josephís Church in Kings Park followed by a reception at Fox Hollow in Woodbury. Nicole cannot wait to walk down the aisle and be with Rich forever.
  • Winner of the 3 Million Post Contest
    Laura and Mike met in 1997 at a fraternity mixer in college and disliked each other immediately. Three years later they realized that their schoolyard bickering was actually the start of a wonderful relationship. Currently, they live in Washington, DC where Laura is a web developer and Mike is a computer programmer. The couple got engaged in November 2005 after 5 years of dating. They plan to marry on June 15, 2007 at the Venetian Yacht Club in Babylon. As her prize for winning the 3 million post contest Laura won a gorgeous pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings.
  • Winner of the 2 Million Post Contest
    Debra and Kevin met while working as cashiers for Waldbaumís. They knew they were perfect for each other right away and were inseparable. They both went to James Madison University in Virginia where Debra got her Elementary teaching license and Kevin is finishing up an Eds in School Psychology. Kevin proposed on the boardwalk of Jones Beach after a romantic dinner at The Snapper Inn. They were all alone with the moonlight shining over the ocean and he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She of course said yes! They were married August 7, 2005 at the Meadow Club in Port Jefferson Station. Debra said the best part of her wedding day was seeing Kevin waiting at the end of the aisle. She could not stop smiling! They have been married for over 6 months and Debra is looking forward to a lifetime with Kevin.
  • Winner of the 2005 $1000 Prize
    James and I met three years ago, on February 14 (yes Cupid was busy that day). James is a Hospital Administrator and I am a Financial analyst. Our friendship blossomed into a great romance and our enjoying being with each other. What makes our relationship so special is that we are friends first and everything else just falls into place. James has a very laid back personality, a great sense of humor and a very caring soul. His love, after me, is science fiction and electronics. We both love the era of knights and princesses, hence his handle, Sir Blade, and mine, LadyPrincess.
  • Winner of the Office Brideszilla contest
    Denise Patrick and her future husband Paul went to the same high school, but actually met 10 yrs later at a local club. Denise is a phone support representative at Computer Associates (terrorizing her co-workers with wedding-related emails bordering on spam) and Paul is a CPA in Manhattan. The couple were engaged on December 13, 2004 when Paul slipped the proposal inside a fortune cookie as they were eating Chinese and decorating the Christmas tree. The couple plan a traditional church ceremony and reception at Villa Lombardi's on September 16th, 2005.
  • Winner of the $1,000 US Savings Bond.
    Lisa and Michael met on September 8, 2000. Lisa currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and works as a Legal Secretary for a Law Firm in Manhattan. Michael currently resides in Malverne, NY and works as a collection representative for a bank and does police reserve work for Malverne. The happy couple got engaged on February 16, 2202 when Michael asked Lisa to be his wife! The two will be married this September 18th. They will be having a traditional church wedding and will be exchanging vows at Lisa's parish in Brooklyn, followed by a reception at the Manor East.
  • Winner of the Olympus C-50 Digital Camera.
    Fiorenza Sacchetti and Edward Maida met on August 24, 2001. Fiorenza currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and works as a Legal Secretary for a Law Firm in Manhattan. Edward currently resides in Staten Island, NY and works as a Manager of an Auto Parts store in Passaic Park, NJ. The happy couple got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2001 when Edward popped the question and Fiorenza happily accepted! The two plan to marry on August 29, 2004. They will be having a traditional Italian Wedding and will be exchanging vows at Regina Pacis church in Brooklyn, followed by a reception at Leonard's of Great Neck in Long Island, to celebrate their love. They both look forward to spending the rest of their lives together.
  • Winner of the $1,000 US Savings Bond.
    Michelle and Vincent met while they were working in McDonalds as teenagers. Michelle asked Vincent to go the movies on Valentines Day, and they began dating after that. Finally after almost 10 years of dating Vincent proposed on New Years Day in 2003. They both reside in Suffolk County where Michelle is a CPA at a public accounting firm in Babylon and Vincent is a fork lift driver at Costco. There wedding is planned for October 12, 2003 at Villa Lombardi's.
  • Winners of the Garden City Hotel's Wedding Pleasures Package
    Leslie and Mike met while working together at a Long Island radio station. They were just friends for several months, but each day there friendship became more and more intense. They finally decided to give a relationship a chance at their Christmas party 2 1/2 years ago. The office romance became known when their boss held up each of their company cell phone bills and noticed that most of the calls were to each other! A November 29, 2002 wedding is planned.
  • Winner of the $1,000 US Savings Bond.
    Karen Esposito and Neal Cooper met for the first time through friends, and shortly after, built their own friendship that eventually grew into a 6 year relationship. They have dealt with some strategies together, Neal moved across the country for about a year, but they never grew apart or gave up on their relationship. Currently, they reside in Suffolk County, karen is an office manager for a Heating/Air Conditioning Co. and Neal works for the County of Suffolk. Even though the two chose the engagement ring together, Karen was still surprised when Neal proposed to her on Christmas Eve of 2001. They both look forward to sharing their lives together.
  • Winners of the $1,000 US Savings Bond.
    Taryn Bussewitz and Oleksiy Paladiy met many times before their first date. Taryn managed an American govermnent assistance program, which brought American specialists to Ukraine to provide training. Olex sold souvenirs on the weekends to support himself while pursuing his education. Taryn often brought visitors to the street where Olex sold souvenirs, and they often chatted. Whenever Taryn was traveling to the US, she offered to bring back anything that Olex might need...a napsack, a watch, etc. In January 2000, after Taryn brought back a briefcase for Olex, he invited her to dinner to thank her for her help. The evening was wonderful, and by June, the two were engaged. Although Taryn's contract ended in September 2000, she remained in Ukraine, exploring her dream of a freelance writing career while Olex continued to work towards his MS. In June 2001, Olex and Taryn were married in a traditional Ukrainian civil ceremony.
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