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LIWeddings: BEST OF 2018 Wedding Vendors Chosen By Long Island Brides and Grooms

To be a Best of Wedding Vendor you really have to impress in more ways then one. These wedding vendors are regarded "Best Of The Best" as reviewed and voted on by LIWeddings brides and grooms.

Best of 2018 Vendors

On this polling page you are allowed to vote for one vendor from each of our categories. Please vote for as many or as few categories as you'd like. Scroll through the available categories, select a category, then all of the vendors in that category will be displayed. Vote for your favorite vendor by selecting their name, then clicking the "Submit Vote" button. You will have the option of leaving a comment before submitting your vote. After each of your vote's, that category will be shaded out to ensure that each voter can only vote once per category.

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