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  •    5 out of 5 by Nicole Garret

    We wanted to acknowledge the excellent performance and the experience The Stan Wiest band provided at our March 8th wedding at the Fox Hollow. It was, in the words of one of our most distinguished guests, “an emotional and visual treat” from start to finish, and the music and coordination of events was a major reason why. The other future brides at my wedding are planning to book the Stan Wiest Band for their weddings. Those who already have were very happy with their decision when they saw the performance. My husband and I are dedicated Pink Floyd fans, and Stan found us a piano player to play Dark Side of the Moon, in its entirety, at the cocktail hour. [Our guests said it was some of the best cocktail hour music they had ever heard.] At the last minute, literally the day of, we changed our introduction music from disco to “The Ecstasy of Gold” from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Stan timed it perfectly and it was awesome. We also wanted more Pink Floyd and the Doors, etc. [not your traditional wedding fare] at the reception, and Stan made it work. The band were able to take all of our unusual requests and unify them with more traditional music, which kept everyone surprised and dancing the whole time-- and, though we aren’t dancing or dance-music people, he made our wedding music a reflection of our tastes. Every time we asked for something, Stan said “we can do that” and he made it better than we expected. [My guests love to tell me how much I really enjoyed my own wedding; I danced a lot and laughed a lot with everyone, and I believe Stan and his band deserve a lot of the credit for that.] I recently attended another wedding at The Old Field Club on May 25th. This time, I had the pleasure of seeing one of the Djs at work. Though I do not know the couple very well, the music was clearly a reflection of who they are, the memories they have shared together, and what they love (Billy Joel, Fraternity Formals, etc) and—what a party! Your DJ deserves a lot of thanks: my husband and I didn’t know anyone at the reception, and don’t often dance together, but the atmosphere and the surprising, wonderful music helped us have one of the most romantic evenings we have had since our own wedding. The weddings where I have heard your music are certainly some of the best I have attended. Stan, thanks again for everything. I will recommend your company to all future brides and grooms: having experienced your work three times already (one a few years ago, before I was engaged) I can do so with all confidence.

  •    5 out of 5 by Melissa T

    When first searching for a music for our Wedding we were sure that there was no one source for all our needs. We wanted specifically a romantic ceremony, followed by a unique and funky cocktail hour and a jazz-club reception. I called Stan on a whim and he could detect my anxiety at first blush. Immediately, I felt relaxed when he said, 'Melissa, the answer is yes.' This is Stan's mantra and he truly delivers. He came extra early to setup and play his keyboard masterfully as guests entered (this was a free-bee he gave us as an incentive to sign on with his DOC services), provided a grand orchestral harpist (paired with a flutist for free just because he thought the sound would be richer given our choice of music) at our ceremony, shared a funky Indian Sitar and Tabla player for cocktails who were totally authentic in sound and appearance, and also, provided us a with no-vocals 5-piece band jazz reception (the groom was very particular about not having the 'Wedding Singer' vibe in the room). The most wonderful part of the entire experience was the fact that our families- who had critiqued us from the get-go about our choices arguing that certain aspects were unconventional like a Sitar player and no-vocals (heaven forbid!)- danced the night away. The only problem we encountered was that there was barely any room on the dance floor when the band played on! Stan is a one stop shop for all your music needs. He and his entourage of musicians are outstanding- and this is coming from a VERY particular and trend aware bride.

  •    5 out of 5 by Gayby Sepulveda

    Having planned the wedding from across the country, we did not know what to expect. I cannot tell you how wonderful A. Stan Wiest Music was at our wedding. We hired two performers from them--for the ceremony/cocktail hour and the reception. The quality of the music, professionalism of the performers and perfect delivery of our song requests were perfect. I would do it all the same!

  •    5 out of 5 by Kimberly Fletcher

    Stan Wiest Music We used Stan Wiest for our wedding music needs. He provided our D.J., as a keyboard player for our cocktail hour. The whole experience was wonderful. Stan gently guided us through all the details, and helped us to select exactly what was right for us. He was always accessible to answer questions, and his calm demeanor was always reassuring. The music was amazing; they played exactly what we wanted, transitioned between genres seamlessly. Our dance floor was full before the salads came out, and stayed busy all night. A musician friend of mine complemented that it was the best selection he had ever heard at a wedding. I am soo grateful to Stan and his staff for all the fun and excitement their music provided.

  •    5 out of 5 by Maggie Mulcahy

    I decided to use Stan Wiest Music and Entertainment for my wedding on Saturday March 17th. We had everything from a bagpiper, cellist, violinist to a DJ and NOTHING DISAPPOINTED! From beginning to end, everyone I dealt with was extremely professional and took the time to get everything perfect for our big day. If you're looking for great musical entertainment and beautiful ceremony musicians, reach out to Stan Wiest. He'll make sure you're as happy as I am!