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Imagine celebrating your wedding day in one of America`s most romantic and picturesque coastal destinations. Montauk is an easy drive from any location in the NYC-TriState area and anywhere in the Northeast, and offers a variety of activities sure to please every guest at your wedding. Hotel accommodations are available in every category and price range for your guests. Weddings are held in Montauk year-round. The beautiful scenery and milder winters make for a memorable wedding any time of the year. Thinking about a beach theme wedding? Better yet, why not have that wedding at the beach itself with a Montauk shore wedding! Montauk offers a wide variety of choices. Whether you marry on the beach, in a church, on the bay side during a stunning sunset, or in one of the incredible homes offered in Montauk, you`ll find something that suits what you`re looking for. If you want something low-key, casual and personal, Montauk is for you! As a setting, Montauk rivals California as one of the most versatile backdrops for any style of wedding. Montauk is the perfect location for the destination wedding you`ve been dreaming of. Imagine walking down the aisle and seeing nothing but blue water, boats and sky. People from all over the country plan their Montauk wedding with just this scene in mind or with one of the many other beautiful wedding sites this unique hamlet has to offer. Meghan & Robert were married at a private home In Montauk last September. The weather was warm and the setting was amazing. They had beautiful Seaside details - seating cards nestled in miniature sand dunes on a weathered teak table, centerpieces with Montauk Daises and Goldenrods, tablecloths in Seafoam green, and pillar candles in baby hurricane lamps - all put together in a tented reception for 150 guests. The girls wore Seafoam colored dresses with Navy shoes, the guys wore navy blazers over khaki pants with Seafoam green ties and pocket squares. During the ceremony a friend read a passage from the Corinthians and Meghan`s sister sang a special hymn just for them - there wasn`t a dry eye on the lawn where the ceremony took place overlooking the rolling hills and ocean. At the reception, they danced the night away under a clear and balmy September sky, sprinkled with a million stars. Wedding memories........made in Montauk. The perfect destination for your wedding location! Montauk Chamber of Commerce 631-668-2428
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