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Like every bride or girl in love, I looked forward to this day with eager anticipation. And, like most, if not all girls, I realized that every bride-to-be embarks on this journey wanting and hoping that this very special bond and love lasts forever. I have been so fortunate to have the best set of grandparents ever, especially when it comes to proving that “Happily Ever After” is possible. I have always admired that after so many years of marriage my grandfather still goes up to my grandmother and gives her the sweetest heartfelt kiss. When we got in engaged and when it was time to decide on our special date, I immediately went to April 2, 2009 checking to see what day of the week that day would fall on. It so happened to be a Thursday. Well, I had my mind set on the “perfect” day, one that would commemorate two big milestones in my family: my wedding, and my grandparents’ 60th anniversary. I knew it was going to be a bit of challenge but we are so blessed to have such great friends and family and that made easier for us. In fact, most reassured us by saying “Don’t worry I am not missing it for the world”; and they didn’t !!

My wedding-preparations started off memorable with not one, but two exciting engagement photo shoots; and it all happened “by accident”. I had two in engagement shoots by chance. I came across two photographers who wanted to build their portfolio, so my fiancé and I took the opportunity to shoot with each; practicing “posing” and achieving a (natural) style and comfort in front of the camera. Sometimes he can be so shy, but this experience has turned him into a big ham. The benefits of having two photographers was the ability and opportunity to have two different themes. Our first session was fun , casual and very colorful. We went to 5pointz in Long Island City (Queens); while our 2nd session was in the village and it more romantic and playful. If you have the opportunity to have two photographers, I say go for it.

If I had to pick a word to describe the overall “theme” I was going for, it would be simple elegance. I wanted a wedding that was intimate, warm, and inviting. Our wedding was pouring with love not just from me and Dewayne, but also from our families and friends. Dewayne and I have been together for 9 years, but I took my time in planning because I wanted to give us something that was memorable and I wanted every detail to represent us. I picked a color combination of silver with soft peach you don’t see this often and it just went so well together. I tried my best not go overboard with details because in the beginning of my planning I wanted everything and my theme was not flowing. I am so happy that I got exactly what I had envisioned.

I was heavily considering getting my gown custom made because I couldn’t find the style of the dress I had envisioned anywhere. When I walked into the bridal shop where I purchased my gown I knew exactly what I wanted. In fact, I had a picture of my dream gown, which by accident I handed to bridal sales consultant and explained to her that I understood that they didn’t carry that particular gown. To my surprise, she informed me that while they didn’t have the gown in the photo, they had something exactly like it. I saw the dress and fell in love. I had found “the one”

As I mentioned, I wanted my special day to be a unique reflection of understated and timeless class and elegance. And, that included how me and my girls looked. My makeup consisted of lip gloss , and call it day. I am being honest when I say that to this day I do not know how to apply blush or mascara. When my aunt tells me she will teach I say: “that’s ok, I like when you do it for me”. I knew I wanted a very natural chic look for me and my girls; nothing over exaggerated because that is just not my personality. The most important thing for me was to look like myself and I wanted my husband to recognize me when he saw me lol. Like I said in my review I booked Sandra from Sultry Cosmetics on the spot, I loved the work she had on her website. She was my one and only trail…when you are good you are good. I will never forget that my trail was on the one of the hottest days in June but she still took her time and my makeup lasted all day from 2pm till 3am when I finally took it off. She is Fantastic.

I felt the same way when I picked the dresses for my girls I wanted them be comfortable and to be able to wear a dress that was geared to each of their styles and personalities. I am pleased to say it worked perfectly and that they were happy, which made me happy. Best of all, it tied in well with the simple elegant look I was going for.

I can rave all day about Pastor April she is just a beautiful person inside and out that is why she is so special. She amazes me with her ability to meet a couple and create the most beautiful written ceremony that she will perform. Here is an example of her ability with words taken from our ceremony. “As many of you know Elizabeth and Dewayne have been together for nine years. Growing up in the same neighborhood, gave them a sense of common history. They were, and still are, best friends who knew in total one another’s hearts and dreams. They knew who one another were as children, and they believed that the person they were each meant to become, involved their making a choice that they would grow together.”

Her creative process began with an “extensive interview” asking us about us, our relationship and how we met. It took me forever to review my vows because every time I read my ceremony I would start crying. I thought I was going to be a crying mess on the day but I wasn’t!!! Did I mention she has tricks up her sleeve such as telling the groom-to-be about my tendency to break out in tears, and the importance of having a napkin ready to wipe my tears; which she noted would make for a GREAT photo opp., as would kissing my hand when he placed the ring on my finger lol..

With such AMAZING professionals to work with and with such supporting friends and family, my entire day was memorable. However several points “do” stand out in my heart and mind. The first, on the day I was having breakfast with my family at the hotel We all woke up early and just enjoyed each other’s company. I remember just staying quiet a moment and taking it all in and just looking at my family and how happy they were, a moment that almost brought tears to my eyes. My next most outstanding memory is of seeing my now Husband as he waited for me. I will never forget his HUGE SMILE it was just so perfect.

Even though I’m married for a while now, I still look back at this day fondly and with lots of excitement. And, that’s what I would want for every girl who fulfills he dream of becoming a bride.

Keep in mind, as I was lovingly advised and reminded at the brining of my planning process, to focus on one vendor and aspect of your wedding at a time. It will make your planning a little easier, and take (some) of the stress off. Focusing on all vendors in one shot can you drive you crazy.

Also, NEVER lose sight of the most important thing: that your wedding is about you and your fiancé, and that everything else is “just icing on the cake”.
Lastly, it’s ok to have long engagement can’t rush perfection!!!
If you have the means treat yourself to a DOC we deserve it!!!
Take a moment from your wedding with you Husband and just take it all in and just look at your guest enjoying themselves.

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