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Growing up my father owned a limo company for 15 years. He would always get wedding magazines and as a little girl I would dream about my day. I always LOVED the pictures of Jericho Terrace and wanted my wedding there. When Matthew and I were first engaged, it was the first place to come to mind. We went to see it without telling our parents and fell in love. Then we set a second appointment to meet with them and when my parents and us got there we were immediately treated like family. We were greeted with champagne and hugs. It was so wonderful. We were there for nearly 3 hours. My father, who admits he hates to shop, asked our Banquet Manager Mike to make him an offer to keep me from dragging him around to a million other halls. He did just that and we signed on the spot! That was January 10, 2009. My then fiancé and I were stoked! I couldn't believe what I imagined as a little girl was actually coming true.

Now that we had the perfect reception location we focused on our special ceremony. There was really never any doubt that we would have a religious ceremony. We both relied on our faith during Matt's recovery and knew we wanted to include God in our wedding. Some of the most special features of this ceremony included our unity candle and a memorial candle for Matt's mother. What I wanted most is something a little unique, I had both my parents walk me down the aisle but only my father 'give me away' When we got to the front pew, I gave my mom a kiss and hug and she took her seat. My father then walked me the rest of the way (about 6 feet) and 'gave me away' to Matt. That was an honor I wanted my Dad to have but my mom is such a huge part of my life I couldn't not have her share in that moment as well. I should add they are divorced and yet still agreed to do this. They have never let their issues become my sister’s or my issues.

While we didn't have a theme we did have a very specific color scheme. I had to have fuchsia, with white and black damask on nearly everything! We had black table linens with fuchsia chair sashes (a gift from my mom, they were a surprise to me until I stepped in that room at JT) I wanted everything to feel as if it matched and flowed. And if someone saw one little detail they knew it was from OUR wedding. It looked so stylish and fun together too. Matt didn't think he would like it, but when he saw the final product after walking into the Skylight room at JT he said 'I got it' He admitted he couldn't see the final product and really loved what I had planned all along.

I loved every part of my wedding day, but some highlights really stood out. I woke up to 'our song' playing on the radio. Not our wedding song but Avril Levine's 'Keep Holding On' this was the song that always reminded me of Matt and I when he was in the hospital and recovering from his accident. It isn't a song played too often so that was pretty magical. I also had a beautiful bouquet of pink roses delivered to me. The card simply read, 'I can't wait to be your husband'. I had a big bridal party 9 girls so having them with me all morning made it feel like we went from a girls day hanging out and getting spa treatments (hair and make-up) to the biggest day of my life. It was an awesome feeling. Seeing my Dad for the first time all dressed up was pretty special too. Finally the moment the doors opened at the church and I could see Matt at the end was the most amazing moment. I can't even put it into words but it is a feeling I will never forget.

Among other things that are memorable to me:
My dress: It was Sabelle by Maggie Sottero. I went into Centereach Bridal suite with a picture of it and it was the first the woman pulled. I know this sound cliché but even on the hanger I KNEW it was it. It literally took my breath away. It was the first dress I tried on. Although I kept looking and tried others nothing compared to it. There were a few close runner ups but I knew I would regret not getting Sabelle if I passed 'her' up. Yes, I always referred to my dress as a 'her' LOL Everyone agreed it was MADE for me. It had just the right amount of bling and drama for my loud and energetic personality.
Dresses- It had to be have pink dresses for my girls and the right color pink was very hard to find. Finally a month before I was going settle on and order the closest thing to it the correct color pink. Bill Levkoff came out with a new line of colors... wouldn't ya know, my pink was there and I loved the style of this dress. It was a little sexy but still elegant. I am only jealous I couldn't wear one! lol

My cake was designed by my DH. He had, HAD IT! with Pink and insisted the cake be only black and white. He agreed on the bling but there was to be NO PINK! When we got to JT I was stunned I couldn't believe how perfect Dortoni's did. It was all buttercream, with black forest filling in 2 layers and red velvet with chocolate ganache in another and the last tier was yellow cake with cannoli filling. My DH even chose most of the flavors too! It did end up with some pink in the end. It was missing a little something on top when we saw it. He agreed to have the few pink flowers on top and it looked and tasted fabulous! The entire damask pattern was hand piped! Amazing!
Other little details included:
Flip Flop Basket... all black and white assuming they would match the woman's dresses the best. AS well as not clash with the decor. We bought nearly 80 pairs and only had 14 left over!
Stationary- all of my stationary was made to match my invite.
Favors- We had two. One was a donation to the Traumatic Brain Injury Association. A program Matt benefited tremendously from. The second was a small damask patterned bowl set

My card For The Modern Bride
I'm still in awe of the whole day..but, the most memorable part of my day was definitely our ceremony. More specifically talking with Matt for the very first time. His first words to me were 'you look absolutely beautiful... I love you so much'... any and all nerves vanished at that point. I was crying through my walk down the aisle and I just sat next to him. Held his hand and knew this is where we were both meant to be. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. The whole time, it felt like there wasn't 1 person behind us. It was only he and I in this large church vowing to be together through good times and bad, sickness and in health, etc. I would give anything to relive those moments just once.

It's been said before but it's so true. Know that things will go wrong on your day. We had many mishaps... my antique car broke down and I had to take a different car to the church (a Bentley so that was a nice surprise compliments to Legend Limo, the hair salon opened late, flowers were wrong.. etc.) Do not get caught up in the little details on your big day. We spend months, even years planning our weddings. When your day comes take a deep breath and enjoy every minute. It does go by in a flash. Remember you are marrying your best friend. Always keep that as your focus and you will be fine.

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