Real Long Island Wedding: Traci and Tom

  • Traci and Tom  - Real Weddings Long Island, NY

Groom: Thomas McDougal (Age 26)

Bride: Traci McDougal (Maiden name: Hennen, Age 26)

He Said:

'It Was a Blockbuster Night' quite literally. Traci caught Tom's eye and captured his heart with her warm, friendly 'Blockbuster' smile. Tom often frequented the store Traci worked at to rent either a movie or video game. Traci was always smiling, so being polite, he figured, he'd smile back, only to one day find that he was smiling for more reasons than simply being nice. Ironically, a friend of Tom's and colleague of Traci's mentioned Traci, and that she'd noticed Tom in the Old Navy he worked in. Shocked and flattered Tom began inquiring more from Mary, until one day he decided to take the plunge and ask Traci out. Tom devised a plan to go in for a rental and purposely end up on Traci's check out line. That part worked out okay, but once he got up to pay and started making 'small talk', Tom got so wrapped up in conversation he forgot to ask her out. Plan B quickly took effect. Tom called Traci at her job immediately when he got home and (nervously) asked her out.

She Said: 'Who ever said you can't mix business with pleasure'. Traci was thrilled when Thomas called to ask her out and immediately accepted. It was kind of cute how nervous he was about the whole thing, she said. Traci had actually noticed Tom quite a while befo

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