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(631) 423-1500 278 Main Street, Huntington, NY
  • HOURS: Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm
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    •    5 out of 5 by Michelle

      This place is like paradise for a foodie! I love their selection of unique olive oils and vinegars. You can walk around and try it all with little tasting cups and pieces of bread around to try it with. I picked up a wild mushroom olive oil and a delicious lavender balsamic vinegar. They bottle it right when you pick it out, and they are fantastic for cooking, or making vinaigrettes or marinades. I can't wait to go back and try more!

    •    5 out of 5 by Sophia

      If you are a foodie, especially a gourmet food lover with a creative palate you MUST come bye! Flavored Balsamics and Olive Oils as far as they eye can see! I eventually settled on the Fig and Sicilian Lemon. You know I never knew I could LOVE vinegar this much?! They are so flavorful. As a food blogger, I was excited about all the possibilities! I also love how you can add a TON of flavor for very little calories! I already used all my fig vinegar, now I NEED to go back! I need me some more flavors for summer! What I also LOVE is the staff is so knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating! Beautiful shop as well. You will not be disappointed and they will make a balsamic and olive oil lover out of you!

    •    4 out of 5 by Alexander

      Great spot to learn about the world of olive oil, which is a lot more diverse than I ever imagined. I bought my mom one of the olive oil bottles as a gift. The best part is that you can take the bottle back and re-fill it with a different oil after you have finished it. There must be 100 olive oils and other vinegrettes to choose from ...... and sample from too while you shop! They also have a huge variety of cheese in the back. All in all, a very unique family-run business.

    •    5 out of 5 by Eric

      This place has everything. They sell infused Olive Oil, vinegar, I went to a similar store in Philadelphia which was owns by Chef Garces (of Iron Chef). His store was part restaurant but they had a similar extensive olive oil and vinegar selection. I'm glad a place like this has opened on LI. I didn't want to have to travel to Philly for some more truffle infused olive oil. The sheer amount of choices you have here can be daunting. Be prepared to spend money. The actual prices are very good but there is so much you are going to want to buy. I think their website has a list of what they sell. Consult before you step inside or you will be wandering around trying everything.

    •    5 out of 5 by Christina

      This is one of my FAVORITE places to visit, I travel all the way from Staten Island to enjoy the lovely experience they provide. All I need to say is Sicilian lemon vinegar. I love the store so much I have contacted them for wedding favors! it makes a wonderful gift for housewarming parties also! Bring this as any hostess gift and they will love you for it! I cannot express enough how much I enjoy it!