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(631) 423-1500 278 Main Street, Huntington, NY
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    •    4 out of 5 by Chris

      1 of 2 I thought that The Crushed Olive was just fantastic. More oils and balsamic than I could have ever imagined. They range from simple oils and balsamic to infused, some with coconut, chipotle, fig, raspberry, black cherry, tahiatian vanilla, herbs, spices, organic and many many more! Located next to each vessel of oil/balsamic are tasting cups for you to try with some of their cut up bread located nearby. Although I eventually got full on bread it wasn't before I was able to try almost every amazing selection. For now I walked away with the 18yr aged Balsamic and the tuscan herb infused oil, both located on their most popular section right when you walk in. This place has more than just oils and balsamic, they carry an assortment of rubs, glazes, peppers, salts and a ton of other things that escape my memory at the moment. Also check out the Ideal Cheese shop located int he back of this store, great assortment of fresh tasty cheeses. If you have time to kill or are just walking around, stop in and spend some time here. The lovely and helpful staff will be more than willing to help with your experience.

    •    4 out of 5 by Nick

      Two great shops in one. 1st stop is the Crushed Olive. Lets get oiled up. A few dozen olive oils & balsamic displayed about in steel containers. Each labeled w/ the description of what's inside. From fruit infused balsamics to crazy oily concoctions. You can dispense a sampling into a mini shot glass & taste each w/ a bite of bread. Like it? Its yours. Head to the back to cut the cheese! 50 cheeses from around the globe w/ expert staff that can tell you about each one, what makes it good & what to serve it with. Sampliings can be done here as well. It is a pretty great combination, plus Tons of other great gifts or serving additions ready for the next time you are entertaining & really want to impress. No more Kraft singles & Ritz for this guy!

    •    5 out of 5 by Samantha

      An array of infused olive oils and vinegars, any flavor you could possibly dream of. Blood orange olive oil, chipotle, roasted almond! And the vinegars; blueberry, coconut, cinnamon, DARK CHOCOLATE, ESPRESSO ( my two FAVORITES) the selection is incredible. The best part is they offer bread to taste whatever you like! The workers don't hover over you either and make you feel like you are tasting too many. They make themselves available and are attentive in case you need help but in no way over bearing which is hard to come by! I highly highly highly recommend this place. Perfect for your own use and great for gifts. I am definitely coming into this store before the holidays and stocking up and gifts and some treats for cooking. I love this place!

    •    5 out of 5 by Matthew

      The Crushed Olive is genius. If you are a fan of balsamic vinegar and/or olive oil, you absolutely have to come to The Crushed Olive. Sitting right on Main Street in Huntington the store is surprisingly large. A few dozen different infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars are on display in big metal canisters, all available to try and taste with free pieces of fresh bread. Prices are cheap and they bottle your choices on the spot for you. I settled on the traditional 18-year old balsamic vinegar and a honey-ginger infused white balsamic vinegar. Lets just say I've been consuming more bread than usual since I bought these. With flavors like black and white truffle, almost every fruit imaginable, and an entire gourmet cheese shop in the back, The Crushed Olive is a hidden gem in Huntington.

    •    5 out of 5 by Vinessa

      Such friendly staff, very knowledgeable, and a really nice store overall. They have olive oils and vinegars I've never even imagined. The store is centered around tasting so you don't have to ask to taste anything you can just jump right in and go for it! The staff was very engaged in making sure my friend and I had no questions or needed help. They also explained to us that we could taste whatever we wanted. It's set up really nicely and easy to navigate. Everything is clean and organized really well. What delicious oils! I rather enjoyed almost every one that I tasted. I'm not big on balsamic but their balsamic vinegars and white balsamic vinegars were really interesting. They had some truly delicious and unique flavor combinations I've never heard of and something for every palate or type of dish. The coconut one really stood out to me and I liked the wild blueberry for a salad, the oregano one I thought was interesting as well. I picked up a bottle of my favorite oil of the night, the Porcini Mushroom Olive Oil! It's really delicious! Overall I would definitely come back here and recommend this place. I look forward to stopping in here in the future and thank them for hosting a lovely event as well!