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HI Ladies: I know a lot of you have been asking about original ideas for favors. I'm not doing this because I don't have flower centerpieces, but my brother and sister-in-law did this. She had beautiful Green/Blue Hydrangeas as centerpieces in a simple vase. About an hour before the wedding ended, the florist came to the hall and wrapped 1 or 2 in pretty paper for all the women at the wedding. As they left the wedding, the florist handed them a pretty wrapped boquet. This is a nice idea because you only spend money on centerpieces, not centerpieces and favors. My only gripe with it was that the centerpieces were removed from the table an hour before it ended. Some people don't mind this though. GOOD LUCK

Good luck, Mark

When calculating times, I work backwards. For example, in your case, start with the time you want to arrive at the ceremony site and then estimate the time of each task backwards. Deduct the travel time, time for pictures, make-up, hair, getting dressed etc. When you are done you will have arrived at the time you should begin getting ready. (Then add 1/2 hour for any delays that may occur.) It works for me.

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