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Hello all.

There has been much chat lately about using "house vendors" and how to choose any vendor. I would like to share my opinions on the subject and hopefully I will have in some small way helped someone, especially someone who is in the "WHERE DO I BEGIN" boat. Although I am a DJ I think that you will find that the following applies to all professions.

1. HOUSE VENDORS: Any reccomendation is helpful, but all house vendors should be checked and interviewed just as if you found them in the yellow pages. Do not take anything for granted simply because your catering facility reccomends them (as it has been mentioned, $$$ does play a role with house vendors). GET A SEPERATE CONTRACT, I do not reccomend paying one price to one copmpany for several services. Have a seperate contract with each vendor, and do not sign anything until you have met with each vendor. 2. RELATIONSHIPS: Through all of the people you meet during the course of planning your wedding, obviousley some are more important than others. The salesperson at the catering hall, the photographer / videoographer, the band or DJ, limos and for some people, even the florist are the key persons that you will deal with the most, and therefore you should be able to develop a relationship. I'm not suggesting that you have everyone over for dinner, but most of the time you will be speaking and meeting with them over the course of 6 months to a year. There is much more involved than playing a song, snapping a picture, or driving a car. What seperates true professionals is the customer service they provide.

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