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Indoor wedding picture venue
beatriceoliva4 Posted: Jun 14, 2022 01:34 AM+
beatriceoliva4 MEMBER SINCE: 6/22 TOTAL POSTS : 1 WEDDING DATE: Sep 03, 2022
Posted: Jun 14, 2022 01:34 AM bride-minus.png

Indoor wedding picture venue

On our third try due to Covid and now I’m worried it’s going to rain.  Any places in Suffolk County, preferably near Smithtown (I’m getting married at the Watermill) to take my wedding party pictures before I get married.  There’s a wedding before mine so the venue is out.  I have a pretty big wedding party if that matters. Thank you 

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helena22 Posted: Jul 17, 2022 03:44 AM+
helena22 MEMBER SINCE: 7/22 TOTAL POSTS : 2 WEDDING DATE: Jan 27, 2023
Posted: Jul 17, 2022 03:44 AM bride-minus.png

RE:Indoor wedding picture venue

Yeah their photography is just love.
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