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Venue Refusing Refund Due to COVID - Sunset Harbour
Megan Lynn Posted: Aug 26, 2020 02:22 PM+
Megan Lynn MEMBER SINCE: 4/19 TOTAL POSTS : 4 WEDDING DATE: Mar 22, 2020
Posted: Aug 26, 2020 02:22 PM bride-minus.png

Venue Refusing Refund Due to COVID - Sunset Harbour

Sunset Harbour Catering in East Patchogue

I am extremely upset with this venue so beware if you are looking to book a party with them in the near future. You will be locked into your contract even though COVID is going on and they will refuse to refund your money and force you to postpone again and again. I have now had to postpone twice. Even though they couldn't hold uo their end if the contract. I am still being forced to do business with them.They have all of my money because I paid in full as my first original date in March was canceled 5 days before my wedding! Now I am at their mercy. There has been zero compassion for the situation. I have ended all my recent phone calls in tears. I am being held accountable for a pandemic that is restricting the amount of guests that can attend my wedding and they keep finding loopholes in the system to force me into continuing my contract with them. I am being told to pay in full and ingore CDC guidlines for my first postponed date, postpone again, or lose my money. I was told this is "not their problem" and continue to get the run around. I want ALL of my money back. The happiest time of my life has now been tarnished because of this virus and this venue has only added to the heartache.
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