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In desperate need of a “Castle” venue
Cg0719 Posted: Jan 16, 2021 01:30 AM+
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Posted: Jan 16, 2021 01:30 AM bride-minus.png

In desperate need of a “Castle” venue

Hello all my fellow future brides… my heart was set on Oheka castle but so far the info I received from them is a 50 person max with no dancing... I am Greek so I can’t take the dancing part away from my parents! I pray the tune may change in person but Our date is March 14 so I don’t have much time! I also went to see Legacy Castle today in NJ because they don’t have a person minimum and allow dancing also.. but it’s far and didn’t give the Oheka wow factor. It also does not have a hotel on site which I think is a necessity. Please help ladies.....
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