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Wedding planning should be an exciting journey filled with memorable moments that you and your fiancé share with loved ones. Sometimes that journey can be hard to navigate leaving you stressed and wondering how you got to that point. We are here to make those moments stress free and filled with only happiness and positivity, being your "go to" person for answers to all of your questions, concerns and confusions.

As Event Design Professionals and Day of Coordination Specialists, we at Elite Glamour Events of New York will make your vision come to life in a flawless event that all you have to do is attend as the guest of honor and enjoy.

From the moment you book with us you will receive 24/7, 365 day a year unlimited phone, e-mail and text contact, along with unlimited recommendations, advice and referrals. We will assist in creating and implementing timelines to alleviate all of your stress and / or fears about the wedding day, by ensuring that we are your constant partner in the planning process and wedding journey.

We will not only help you find the perfect vendors but will ensure seamless communication of your needs with them. We will sort through your endless "must have" ideas and be your eyes and ears on the biggest day of your life. We will deal with all the logistical components of your wedding day so you don’t have to have unnecessary anxiety.

Visit us at to learn more about our Wedding Design Packages, Day of Coordination Services, Custom Handmade Wedding Details, and all of our other Unique Offerings. Knowing no two brides are the same, we customize all of our packages to suit each of our clients special needs and we will always do our best to ensure that a request made by a client on the wedding day will be our #1 priority.

(631) 523-6799

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Wedding planning should be an exciting journey of fun and memorable moments. If you do not agree then let us make it that way for you. Let us be your partner in planning from the very beginning. In thi... MORE s capacity we will take your thoughts and dreams and find the perfect vendors to suit them. We will provide you with expert advice to address all of your ideas and concerns, help you sort through your ideas and bring them to life as well as organize and orchestrate all of the logistical details with you never having the need to worry. LESS


5 OUT OF 5
Alanna and Travis
5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Profession... MOREalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Alanna said... I got married June 3rd, 2016. I never planned on having a day of coordinator until I became a little overwhelmed with planning and executing everything on my own. Before I get too deep into my review let me explain, I am a bit of a neurotic and perfectionist (I had a 3" wedding planning binder before even meeting with Elite Glamour Events). Lindsey and her assistant Stephanie not only understood that this is meant to be the best day of any girls life, but also stood by me in ALL my decisions. From day one, Lindsey was willing to help with anything and everything from answering the smallest questions that I had, to even helping me pick out my wedding dress. On the day of my wedding my veil was misplaced in the hotel room and taken away by one of the cleaners there. With only 30 mins till my first look and a few hours before ceremony Lindsey and Steph jumped into action! They managed to track down my veil in one of the laundry bins in the hotel and bring it to the venue in the nick of time! I also handmade a bunch of signs and corn-hole boards which she made sure EVERYTHING was in the right place. (Even the flowers, when they showed up at the hotel I was a little iffy about some of the leaves put in there, but she made sure they were remove and it looked perfect!). Lindsey went out of her way I don't even know how many times to make sure that the big day went off without a hitch. I can't speak highly enough about Lindsey and Steph or Thank them enough for everything! You guys are truly something special! LESS
5 OUT OF 5
Courtney and Rob
5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Profession... MOREalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Courtney said... Lindsey and her team are truly amazing! I went back and forth leading up to my wedding about whether or not I wanted/needed a DOC. After meeting with Lindsey I decided I did for a few reasons. The main one being that I am an anxious person and I wanted to make sure I spent this day enjoying myself and not worrying about whether or not things were going right. I am so happy I hired Lindsey. She was right with me from the morning making sure I was calm and handling all of the little things. She steamed all the dresses, handled all tips and final payments and went over to where the boys were getting ready to deliver their corsages and helped them out them on. It was great to have her their to keep everyone on schedule. When one of my bridesmaids mentioned she wished she has added straps to her dress Lindsey's assistant DOC grabbed some extra fabric and made straps. She also fixed one of my mom straps that was a little loose. Also when my photographer started to get a little off track being too talkative instead of taking pictures Lindsey stepped right in and spoke to him to get him back on track. The next say when I went back to larkfield to pick up my things even the owners there said how wonderful Lindsey and her team were to work with. I honestly don't think my wedding day would have been so perfect with them!! I highly recommend. LESS
5 OUT OF 5
Shanequa and Evans
5.0/5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professiona... MORElism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Shanequa said... Elite Glamour was so helpful the day of my wedding. So happy to have such great service, which contributed to a smooth wedding day from start to finish. LESS


15% off Day of Wedding Coordination You have spent way to much ti... MOREme and effort planning the biggest and best day of your life so why should you worry about making sure it all unfolds without any bumps or issues throughout the day. We will make sure every vendor is called prior and reminded of your wishes. We will ensure that every detail that you planned is executed to your specific wants and we will make sure that all potential fires are put out before they can happen and without you ever having to worry that something might not have worked out the way that you would have wanted it to. We provide 2 Day of Coordinators for up to 10 hours to ensure that you and your fiance` have a helping hand no matter where either of you are or when you need us on your big day. Our Price: $680 List Price: $800 Restrictions: Offer can not be combined with any other special or discount provided by Elite Glamour Events of New York. Event must be booked by 9/1/12. LESS