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If you are looking for an exceptional, luxury experience for your wedding, you must contact Dollface Professional Hair & Makeup Artistry for your hair and makeup needs. Stacey Peterson, a licensed cosmetologist with over ten years experience in the wedding industry and her team of professionals will bring an unrivaled level of service to you and your bridal party.

We can accommodate any size party and any beauty need you have. Contact us today to discuss your events and let us give you the level of attention you want and need during this exciting time!
It’s finally here - the day you've been dreaming of and planning for so long… You want your photos and/or video to represent exactly how you feel today - stunning, happy, excited, special. Let me help you become the bride you've always dreamed you would be. Whether you are someone who wears little to no makeup or someone who doesn't leave the house unless completely made up, I've got the experience, the knowledge, the passion and the professionalism to help you achieve your vision of the perfect bride and bridal party.
I specialize in bridal/event makeup, airbrushing and professional makeup such as head shots, fashion modeling, etc.
Contact me to discuss your needs today!