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If you are looking for a band that will keep your dance floor packed all night and your guests raving for months after your wedding, then look no further! The Mystic has been receiving overwhelming responses from every wedding. Because we are not a typical wedding band, we do not have a typical songlist. We cover such a diverse selection of music with such authenticity that you and your guests will be amazed! We always perform with the same eight musicians, so our chemistry together shines! You can tell our love for music with our energy and style. With five members that sing lead, it's no wonder we sound just like the original recording! Sam Bello, an original member and founder of The Mystic, on keyboards, guitar and lead vocals, can precisely mimic songs ranging from Barry White to Frank Sinatra to Led Zeppelin and anything in-between, with a solid genuine rendition. Steve Bello, another original member of The Mystic, on drums and can also sing a variety of different voices adding much character to the band. Lynn Critelli on vocals adds her powerful voice and beauty to the never ending appeal of the group, she'll get your party going with her dance and rock renditions. George Panos adds that funky, full bass sound; wait to you hear his groove! Our newest member is Dennis DelGaudio on lead guitar. Dennis joined the Mystic a year ago after he finished his stint as the lead guitarist on the Broadway Hit show Movin' Out. Dennis also subs for the current Broadway show Jersey Boys. Donnie Mac on saxophone, woodwinds and lead vocals adds his own excitement and charisma to the group – did you ever see anyone sing lead and play an amazing flute solo on Jethro Tull's Locomotive Breath? To complete our horn section, is Kevin Doolittle on trombone and Steve Engle on trumpet. Boy do they all get into it! All band members are constant and guaranteed at each performance! The Mystic is a band that must be seen and heard. The Mystic has been performing weddings for over 15 years and performs about 80-90 weddings each year. The list of testimonials goes on and on. We are not part of a big orchestra, we are one independent band so you can expect the personal attention you deserve. We let our brides and grooms tell us what styles of music they would like played at their wedding as well as learn their special requests that may not be on our list! So if you want a band that will leave a lasting impression, check out the Mystic today! Visit our site for a complete songlist, videos, calendar & more! (516) 826-0800
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