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Crème de la crème DJ crews Gifted Masters of Ceremony Ultra-talented LIVE musicians, dancers and vocalists Premier sound systems Intricate lightshows & special effects Complete multimedia support ...you name it, we have it! Really, you must see it firsthand. Know this: At LI Sound, we`ve spared no expense to gear up for your day. It will only come once, so we are committed to making it the best it can be. click to read the testimonials We pledge to deliver only the best. In a word, our wedding receptions are exceptional. Elegant. Sophisticated. Sublime. It`s a fitting experience for the tremendous commitment you`ll be making that day. But your party will also be fun! Heart-pounding and energetic. Filled with delirious dance. Because we know how to strike that ideal balance between sass and sophistication. Without missing a beat. LI Sound is the ideal company for couples looking to make a personal statement - to break with certain predictable traditions and make the evening truly their own. But from cocktail hour to final hour, one constant holds true: the party never stops. Your guests will be entertained non-stop, and they`ll be talking about it for years. Call us to discuss how we can help you fill every minute with wall-to-wall entertainment. Come visit our 7,000 square foot showroom personally. Walk into a 3,000 square foot warehouse with over $500,000 worth of equipment. Then, sit down with your entertainment team. Get familiar and comfortable with the very professionals who will be there to run your reception. We want you to see it all - before you make your decision. Because when you do, you`ll feel that much more knowledgeable and confident that you`ve chosen the right team.