Cool Hand Luke: The Qualities Of A Gentleman Groom
Jun 08, 2017 01:52 PM Back
Today…one of the biggest acts of rebellion is acting the role of a traditional gentleman. Here is how grooms can master the art and turn husbandhood into happily ever after. Secretly a Prince Charming and a true gent are every little and big girl’s dream.
1. Supportive Sirs: Supporting your lady doesn’t just mean bringing home the bacon (for her to fry up in a pan) but rather encouraging your femme to be fierce and the best version of her she can be. Expect her to rise to the occasion and to rise above. Letting her live a life of luxury without expecting anything of herself is NOT doing her any favors. Instead be her inspiration to be the best mom, wife, homemaker, career woman she can be. The better she feels about herself, the better she will feel about you and your relationship.

2. Chivilrous and Considerate: Good old fashioned manners are NOT out of style. Don’t be fearful that you will make her feel like less of a lady…if she is a real woman she WILL appreciate the gesture and the attention. Be ready, willing and able to open doors, hold out chairs, drape your coat over her shoulders or shower her with flowers. Treating her like a queen is not belittling or demeaning but a signature sign of respect.

3. Mr. Manners:  LEARN what is appropriate for every and any situation and always have good manners. Real gentleman, from how they dress (depending on where they are going) to how they speak and how they behave KNOW how to impress their lady.

4. Good “Cop” Guys: This man wants his women to be free and liberated but still HIS woman and he is protective of HIS “possession” WITHOUT cramping her style or stepping on her twinkle toes. And, it doesn’t  stop there. A real man and true gentleman and scholar protects all his girl’s needs: emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, etc.

5.  A Tried and True Traditionalist: Culture and customs are important to him. He  respects his mama and his grandmamma and makes sure his women becomes a part of the family and is part of passing down his family favorites while also being instrumental in creating new  memories and traditions of their own.

6. Dynamic Dads: True gentlemen are not only perfect partners but deliberate dads. They embrace fatherhood  and make faith and family their top priority…which is precisely why they will work both hard and smart to ENSURE they can and will provide.

7. A Leading Ladies Man: He love women and he is not afraid of strong and fierce femmes…in fact, he was raised by some. These types of men usually stem from strong moms and grandmothers who set the family standards (usually in stone) and they also have a strong and profound love and respect for them and will treat their lady loves quite the same….and without any shame.

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