Making your wedding special for your guests....
Feb 17, 2014 09:27 AM Back By Dr. Beat Productions
One of the most overlooked details of a wedding is the one that is most important. It is making your wedding special for your guests. It's easy to forget that the wedding is not just for you and your future spouse. It's also for everyone who attends your wedding. It's very important you don't forget about all the people who are special to you and who will be traveling from all over to be with you on your special day.

Picture this....the lights dim. A hush falls over the crowd. A video montage starts playing on the screens and it tells a story. What is this story, you ask? It's a love story! It is the story of you. It is the story of your future partner. It is the story of both of you. It is pictures of you both from birth to present, arranged with text, your special music, and just about anything you want to use to entertain your guests. It will leave your guests with a smile on their faces and tears in their eyes!

Most engaged couples I have spoken with love the idea of having a video montage as part of their wedding. The problem is that they think it's either very difficult, time consuming or incredibly expensive. None of those assumptions are correct. It's actually very easy to have us create one for your special day. Ask one our our professional event specialists about adding a video montage to your DJ Entertainment package.

Photo quantity is key, you have to be very careful here. In most cases we recommend that you select pictures carefully and keep the total below fifty. We know that the task of narrowing down the right photos can be a daunting task. The simple fact is that in most cases you will lose your audience with extensive amounts pictures. The team at Dr. Beat Productions can assist you throughout the entire process or photo and music selection. Video Montages can be a magical part of your event when executed properly.

Remember, you want your wedding to be special. You want your guests to remember your wedding with fondness. You want it to be an unforgettable experience. What better way than with a video Montage that features your life up to that point! We truly hope that your wedding is the best day of your life. I hope you decide to engage your guests by showing a beautiful, romantic video Montage prior to grand entrance or during your reception dinner. May you have the best of weddings and don't forget to have fun!

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